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Like the Prisoner? Wait until you try this!

Picked by: Wine Library

Like the Prisoner? Wait until you try this! Watch the video inside and take advantage of reduced pricing and free shipping on all orders of 4+ bottles! Reminder, use the code FRANCISCAN to earn free shipping on 4+ bottles!

2014 Franciscan Equilibrium RedBlend from United States


List Price: $44.99

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WOW! Franciscan made a very limited amount of this full bodied, ultra rich, red blend from Napa Valley! We were thrilled to be able to find this and have only a small amount...

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Love the Prisoner?
Want to find something as good (or better) for less?
Read below and see for yourself!

"This is a wine that falls in the category of being a delicious wine ... A huge Delicious factor"

Those are the words of Gary Vaynerchuk, former host of WineLibraryTV, during a recent tasting that compared the Franciscan Equilibrium Red to the Prisoner. Click the video below to watch Gary V along with Sasha Vaynerchuk, as they taste and compare the two.


Gary V went on to say, "I think for 80% of the people this will end up becoming one of those 'My Favorite Wine'".  We would be willing to bet the same thing for 3 big reasons:

1) - As Gary V said, this is flat out delicious. Overwhelming might not be the right word to use here but for many of you who taste this wine for the first time, we have a feeling you might not expect just how big this wine really is. Tons of lush, up front fruit that at the same time, gives you an element of balance that is not always easy to find in wines like this. It's rich, full bodied and has a silky smooth finish that, for many of you, will become the ultimate winning point of this red.

2) - It's from one of Napa's biggest names. For years, Franciscan has been a name so many of you turn to for top-flight Napa Valley wine. From the base level Cabernet Sauvignon to the blockbuster Magnificat, wine buyers have come to expect nothing but the best from Franciscan ... and they have truly delivered.  

With the Equilibrium Red, Franciscan continues to deliver exactly what so many of you are looking for. Full throttle red wines from Napa that give tons of body and complexity, without sacrificing balance.  

3) Prisoner fans will love this. As you saw in the video, there is a big reason why the Prisoner has become such a huge hit. Over the last several years, there have been many other producers that have tried to take a position on a wine of this style. Some have made very good wines for sure. Franciscan may have put out one of the best we have tasted yet and while the blend is slightly different than the Prisoner, we know that fans of the Prisoner who are looking for something new to try ... will 100% want to try this.

Oh ... and one more thing ... the reduced pricing and free shipping offer make this a total no-brainer offer for all of the Prisoner fans out there!

The 2015 Prisoner checks in at $39.99.

Today only, grab the 2014 Franciscan Equilibrium Red for even less. Just $33.99 per bottle plus free shipping on 4+ bottle orders with code FRANCISCAN.  

This is what new Napa Valley discoveries are all about. A fantastic, flat out delicious bottle from one of the biggest names in Napa.

Grab it while it lasts at this price! Remember, this special offer will expire on Sunday night at 11:59 PM ET or while supplies last only!
2014 Franciscan Equilibrium Red
List Price - $44.99
Wine Library Sale Price - $39.99
4 Day Only Special Price  - $33.99
Plus free shipping on 4+ bottles with code FRANCISCAN