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    1. Wednesday, June 26, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

      Our 3rd Cheese Chat!

      When: Wednesday, June 26th, 6-7pm

      Join us for our third in a series of "Cheese Chats" - A Culinary Journey into the Regions of Italy!

      The presentation will showcase the Italian "Cicchetti" which is fresh baguettes topped with various cheeses and charcuterie.

      Heidi, our wine consultant, will be educating and offering wine and liquor pairing suggestions.

      We will be showcasing:

      • Galbanetto (Italian Salami)
      • Bresaola
      • Fresh Buffalo Ricotta
      • Caciotta with Black Truffle
      • Spreadable Gorgonzola
      • Stracciatella


      In addition, we will be showcasing some of our own items as pairings:

      • Pate
      • Various jams and honey
      • Nuts

      Meet Your Host

      SABBIA AURITI Italian & American Entrepreneur inspiring passion around Italian food and culture. Experienced Entrepreneur and Passionate Educator specializing in Italian Food and Culture, Sabbia (Sandy) Auriti is from the Abruzzo Region of Italy and has over 40 years of professional and academic experience, holding a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature with a specialization in Italian American and Gender and Women Studies. She is the owner of Mediterraneo Foods and La Mozzare, both specializing in the import of Italian gourmet foods.

      What to expect?
      In-store sampling, with guided lecture and Q&A.


      To RSVP to this seminar and sampling, please click here!


    2. Wine Library
      586 Morris Ave
      Springfiel, NJ 07081