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Wine Text

Hands Down, the Easiest Way to Buy Wine

An introduction to Wine Text

Wine Text is the newest and easiest way to buy wine at your fingertips. The team at Wine Library is working hard, using their connections and ability to source incredible wines from real wineries and winemakers from all over at a price that allows us to sell them to you at a massive discount.

How does it work?

Signing up for Wine Text is the hardest part, and even that only takes 3 minutes. After you are signed up, you will receive a wine offer every day through SMS. A photo of the wine, a short description, a link to an Instagram Video, and price will all be included in the text.

If you are interested in the wine, all you have to do is respond with a number. That many bottles will be packaged and shipped right to your door! Literally, that is it! WineText offers FREE SHIPPING on orders of 12+ bottles. For all other bottle rates

It is truly the easiest way to order wine.

Examples of deals that have been offered on Wine Text
$95 California Cabernet for $35.50
$250 Argentinian Red for $49.99
$60 Rioja for $15.55
$125 Barolo for $39.99
$110 Brunello for $49.55

What are the Benefits of using this over other online wine retailers?

The first reason is the most obvious. Wine Text is making it possible to buy wines at a price that is massively discounted from the release price. They get this pricing by working extremely close with importers, distributors, and winemakers that want to get their wines in the hands of as many people as possible.

Second is the convenience. It can be very difficult to find high quality wines at great prices. Wine Text makes it as easy as possible to get the important information in your hands while also making it extremely easy to order.

The last benefit is learning about wine! The #1 reaction by customers of Wine Text is how many new styles of wines they are tasting these days. People are constantly learning more about their palate and what they enjoy. On top of that, Wine Text offers a lot of collectibles at reasonable prices. Many people who have never planned on saving wines are now buying collectibles to save for special occasions. Wine Text is not only changing the way people buy wine, but it is changing the way people drink wine as well!