Wines for Every Kind of 4th of July Party

Posted June 30, 2015

Steve Unwin


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No matter how you spend your 4th of July this year, we're confident that it will be improved by bringing the right kind of wine. Whether it's burgers, pasta, or oysters rockefeller, wine is always going to up the deliciousness quotient way more than any case of light, fizzy beer (not that you shouldn't have a beer... we're just saying wine is delicious, and you know it!)

The Italian family get together

2012 Rubentino Chianti DOCG

Nonna’s not going to let you get away without a 4th serving, so you might as well dig in for the long haul. Sure there might be a couple dogs on the grill, but your main culinary concern is with those four trays of rigatoni that just came out of the kitchen. For that, you need Chianti. And lots of it. Quickly.

Partying down the shore

2013 Zenato Bardolino Chiaretto

Know what goes with fist-pumping and pork rolls? BROSE, THAT’S WHAT! Throw a case on ice, and you’ll have a pink, delicious refreshment that will out-perform any old jungle juice.

Laid back by the pool

2014 Hubert Brochard Sancerre Les Collines Blanches

Sometimes you just want to play it slow and gather a small group of friends, family, and potato salads. You can hear the fireworks, but you don’t have to see them because that deck chair is super comfortable. We get that. Sancerre will pair beautifully with that potato salad as well as

On a roof somewhere in Brooklyn

2013 Capanne Ricci Ricciolo IGT

“The same producer actually makes a 95-point Brunello,” you say, as you pop open the bottle, “so I jumped on their IGT bottling since they clearly know what they’re doing.” Your friends not knowingly behind their wayfarers. Even Sandra, who dated the somm’ from Børsht 256, looks impressed.


Barbecuing with academics

2012 Chateau Chatard

To be fair, your fiancee’s PhD fellows really know how to party. When they’re not arguing about supersymmetry, you can introduce them to your favorite newcomer from the Entre-Deux-Mers neighborhood of Bordeaux. Maybe you can both teach each other something. Let’s just hope there is no written section on the test.


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