Tomorrow is Beaujolais Nouveau Day. Here's What You Need to Know

Posted November 19, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Tomorrow is November 20th, which means it’s Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2014! By French law, it’s the first day that the light, fruity red can be sold, so get ready to stock up on a few bottles for Thanksgiving. While you wait, here is a quick rundown on what makes the wine unique, and what you need to know if your guests ask you for any more details:

1. Beaujolais Nouveau Day happens every year on the thirds Thursday of November

It’s a celebration of the end of harvest season and the beginning of wine season, originating about a hundred years ago in France. The festivities finally made it to the States in the ‘80s. Beaujolais Nouveau Day became a race between vintners to get the first “vintage” wines to drinkers in Paris by way of a very successful marketing effort by Georges Duboeuf (along with some seriously loud label art) to rile up excitement and anticipation for the new wine.

2. The method of production is fast, unique, and has an awesome name

Made from whole clusters of Gamay grapes, Beaujolais Nouveau undergoes the coolest sounding process in all of winemaking: carbonic maceration. That basically means that instead of being an oxygen-fueled yeast fest like normal fermentation, these grapes are actually sealed in an air-tight chamber in order to anaerobically ferment in their own skins before being crushed and bottled 6-8 weeks later. This process is easy on the tannin extraction and is why the wine ends up so light and fruity.

3. Drink it now, and don’t sweat the details

Described as “rude wine -- very young and spirited," Beaujolais Nouveau is not a wine you decant, age, or worry about opening too early or late in the meal. You can sip it, cook with it, have it with a super fancy meal, or even that boxed pizza sitting in your freezer. You really can’t go wrong.

4. Serve it lightly chilled

To be fair, you should be drinking all your reds cooler than you do now, but Beaujolais Nouveau especially shows better at around 55 degrees, so chuck it in the fridge for half an hour before popping the bottle.


Boom! You’re now an expert in Beaujolais Nouveau. We’ll have ours available for order tomorrow so be sure to check back in! C’est le temps pour Beaujolais Nouveau!