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Posted July 09, 2016

Stacy Brody


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Summer is here and our wine team has some “hot” recommendations for seasonal sipping.


We have an amazing crew at the Wine Library, not to brag or anything. Made up of WSET (Wine, Spirits & Education Trust) graduates and Sommeliers, this is an unbeatable team with decades of experience in the field. Get to know our consultants and buyers!


I asked each wine team member, What are some of your favorite wine recommendations for summer, whether it’s your favorite wine to drink on an inflatable tube floating down the Delaware (guess who does that) or enjoy with barbecue food?


Stephen Fahy, Sales Director and Senior Buyer

Wine Library Team Member since 2012

Fahy offered two gorgeous wine recommendations:

  1. The 'why I got into wine in the first place wine" award goes to the 2012 Pax Cellars Syrah Griffins Lair, for its insanely hedonistic brilliance and purity, all reminiscent of the first time I got bitten by the wine virus.
    If you receive a Wine Library email with “hedonistic” in the subject line, it is probably from Steve.  

  2. The "I wanna live healthy yet still be able to drink wine to the face on a Tuesday night" award goes to Chateau Maris Las Combes, the organic/biodynamic/vegan friendly stunner, both structurally in balance and texturally sublime.  Awesome!
    Who says you can’t have the best of everything life has to offer?

You can email Steve at


George Feaver, Wine Buyer and Consultant, Monsieur Bordeaux & Loire, Senor Espana and Herr Germany

New Vintage

George’s wine reccos for the summer?

1. Liters of anything Austrian - red, white or rose!  
The question is: how many people does it take to finish a liter?

2. And speaking of rose, roses from Corsica are where the action is! Watch for Clos Signadore Rose Patriomonio A Mandria...
George has not stopped raving about this wine since it arrived!

3. 2014 Bojo (translation: Beaujolais) Crus from Sunier with a bit of a chill are a treat.
Vegetarians: You must try grilled Portobellos with Loire Cabernet Franc.

4. And don't forget chilled Sherrys.

You can email him at


Liz Colicchio, Senior Wine Buyer and Fine Wine Specialist

New Vintage

1. 2015 Gobelsburg Cistercien Rose at $12.98 per bottle is the best rose in this store!
Jim “Jimmy” Gorman snagged this amazing wine for the store! We’ll get recommendations from this vintage team member’s summer wine recommendations a little later.

2. For a summer red ... 2013 Cos Cerasuolo Di Vittoria ... pop it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes

3. And, of course bubbly: Krug Grand Cuvee Champagne because why not?

Tell Liz why you love Krug. Email her at


Terry Southard, Wine Buyer, WSET Certified

Team Member Since 2014

1. For summer wines, Terry switches up the rose game by adding a bit of bubbly. The 2013 Bertrand Cremant De Limoux Brut Rose is a steal at $14.99! So many layers of flavors in one glassful! This is a great 'by the pool' rose!


2. When firing up the grill, grab a this case, from Rhone. The 2012 Janasse Terre D'argile Cotes Du Rhone at $19.99 is a great complement to anything off the barbecue, whether it is salmon, chicken or burgers.


Tell Terry what you paired his summer picks with at


Sam Doyle, Wine Buyer, Consultant and Sommelier

2015 Harvest

1. Sam's summer white wine pick? Spatlese Riesling. Preferably Donnhoff. And why not?

You only get one summer a year.

2. His cool red for the seaon is a Greek Xinomavro blend.

Ask Sam about the epic 2015 vintage for Riesling at


Stuart Cohn, Wine Consultant


1. Stuart, did you cheat off Liz's paper? Stuart loves the Gobelsburg Gruner for summer. Compulsively drinkable. Tastes like a combination of tart apples, green grapes, and lemon rind, with the faintest hint of fizz.

2. His choice red to chill and chill out with, the 2012 Pfneiszl Ujra Egyutt Kekfrankos (Blaufrankisch). Crunchy cranberry and sour cherry with a kick of peppery spice on the finish. Great with a little chill. Beaujolais fans will love this.

3. Lastly, his big boy barbecue wine pick 2013 Castro Ventosa "El Castro de Valtuille" Mencia Joven. This big wine is bursting with dark cherries, plums, blackberries, currants. If you like Southern Rhones or Bairradas from Portugal, try this.

Tell Stuart how fantastic his summer picks are at


Jim Gorman, Wine Buyer and Wine Consultant

Declared Vintage

Jim's summer recommendation: Riesling. You must drink more Riesling. Period. No more excuses. His top summer wines include two dry Riesling selections that are ridiculously good. These wines might just change your perception of Riesling.

1. Aigner Riesling Kremstal Weinzierlberg is an Austrian selection, from a region running along the Krems River, a tributary of the  Danube. From Germany, an awesome liter-full (because you definitely need at least a liter of this summer sipper) of trocken Riesling.

2. Dry and (like Stuart's Gruner) dangerously drinkable, the 2014 Rebenhof Riesling Trocken is an amazing deal for summer entertaining, enjoying and sharing (or not) at less than $15.

Already love Riesling? Exhausted your Sauvignon Blanc options? Looking to try something new? Well, if you're not looking, you should be. It's time to diversify.

3. You may think you know Vinhos Verdes - light, low-alcohol, slightly fizzy wines you can kick back like a beer poolside. They certainly have their place (maybe tubing on the river). The 2015 Passaros Escolha is something different, sophisticated and structured, especially expressive, made like a serious table wine - but not so seriously priced that you can't enjoy it every weeknight! This blend of white varieties Treixadura and Alvarinho is Jim's house white for the summer - and maybe even into September - check back with us then.


Looking for something off the beaten track or want to find your own house white? Email Jim at


Mike Martino, Wine Consultant and Orders Department Team Member, WSET Certified

Recent Release

1. For a white to enjoy by the beach, he has a case of the 2014 Las Vides Torrontes. Torrontes is Argentina's flagship white, and this wine is a fun introduction to the variety and an aromatic, refreshing summer wine. Priced perfectly for a case buy, too.

2. Like many of you, no matter how hot it is, Mike drinks Cabs (from anywhere) all summer long.


If you drink Cabernet all summer long, email Mike at


Stacy Brody, Wine Consultant, Wine Buyer, Events Coordinator and Self-Indulgent Writer

Wine Library Team Member Since 2015

Thanks for making it this far guys. I know some of my articles can be long. What am I drinking this summer? A little bit of everything. It's tough to pin down my top picks and my colleagues have already named a few of them (thanks, guys).

1. My white wine picks definitely include more Riesling. Kelby James Russell makes a great Dry Riesling at Red Newt in the Finger Lakes.

2. For something more esoteric, try a mindblowing white from Croatia: the Kosovec Skrlet. This variety is grown nowhere else. It's a freshly styled white with exotic aromas and racy acidity. A "duh" pairing for seafood (Croatia has a pretty long coastline) and also Thai-inspired fare.

3. For roses, I need quite a bit to quench my thirst, so I stick wtih a full liter bottle. Zum Martin Sepp Rose is one of the house wines of a family-owned tavern in Vienna. Light, dry and super refreshing - there isn't much more I can ask of a rose during the muggy days of August in New Jersey. Plus, the bottle is much cheaper than plane tickets - this is my staycation wine for sure.

4. And I can't leave you without some must-try summer reds. Again from the Finger Lakes, a Cabernet Franc. I've been bringing people around to this variety, which never seems to get the credit it deserves. I continue my crusade! This is such a pretty, pretty wine, bringing out more of the floral component of the variety and fresh raspberries, too.

5. Then, of course, I've got an off-beat alternative option, the Bibich R6 Riserva. This Croatian blend is smooth and silky, with rich deep fruit flavors, and still with restrained alcohol. It's a great BBQ conversation starter.



Now go enjoy your summer!



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