Three 90-Point Wines That Cost Less Than Ten Dollars

Posted June 10, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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There is some seriously great cheap wine out there. A few decades ago, an $8 bottle of wine was a pretty hit-or-miss proposition, but with advances in winemaking technology, you’re actually going to have a pretty hard time finding yourself a truly bad bottle of wine. Conversely, there are some regions and styles that have managed to hone their craft to a point where they’re able to put out critically acclaimed wine at a price that even the thriftiest of graduate school students. So let's do this!

2012 Palestra Douro

This is a very real, easy wine tip: Go all-in on dry Portugese red wine. Seriously. The quality to price ratio (QPR) on these wines is absolutely astonishing. This is literally a 90-point Enthusiast wine for SIX DOLLARS AND FORTY NINE CENTS. It’s got great fruit, it’s got solid structure, and it’s got balanced acidity. For under seven bones. This is real.

2013 The Royal Old Vine Chenin Blanc

Yet another reliable place to look for value wines is in Chenin Blanc from South Africa. The aromatic, luscious French grape found a happy home on The Cape decades ago where it was known as Steen, and can now be found across multiple price-points and styles. The Royal Old Vine showcases beautiful notes of tropical fruit and honey with a refreshing acidity that feels totally contradictory to its eight dollar price point.

2013 Quintay Clava Chardonnay

Now this one is less an example of classic value and more of being a straight up fantastic find. Chilean Chardonnays hailing from the cool region of Casablanca are a known quantity. They’re great. So when we found Quintay’s reserve release and were able to offer it for under ten bucks, we thanked the wine Gods because this is just a steal.


Product Label.

Palestra Douro

90 Wine Enthusiast

Item: 77354

750 mL

Retail: $9.98

$6.49 per btl

Product Label.

The Royal Old Vine Chenin...

90 Robert Parker - Robert Par...

Item: 78215

750 mL

Retail: $9.98

$7.94 per btl

Product Label.

Quintay Clava Chardonnay

90 James Suckling - Jamessuck...

Item: 86350

750 mL

Retail: $12.99

$9.98 per btl