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2022 Bordeaux Futures

Welcome to Wine Library's 2022 Bordeaux En Primeur Campaign!


We're excited to be working with our partners in Bordeaux to offer some of the gems from this historical release. As many of you know, the early reports on the 2022 vintage have collectors giddy with excitement - Suckling calls it "astonishing" and notes that in his four decades of reviewing the region he's, "never come across anything like the 2022 sets a new benchmark for Bordeaux after my first reference vintage for the region from barrel, 1982."

In his comprehensive report on the vintage, Wine Advocate's William Kelley acknowledges the "extreme temperatures" in the region, but highlights how certain producers have used techniques and technology - both in the vineyards and cuveries - to manage these ever-more-present conditions.

We've compiled a list - which will continue to grow and evolve! - of Chateau that hit the mark for this year. We think these are all world-class, historic wines and we're more than excited to be able to bring them to you for this campaign. Cheers!

How does 'En Primeur' Work?
Buying wine as a "Future" or "en Primeur" means you're purchasing a wine before it's bottled. You're getting access to wines at their opening prices, and then receive the wines at a future date after they're bottled and shipped! In this case, the 2022 Bordeaux will arrive in 2025.


Keep this page bookmarked as new wines will be added daily as the campaign continues! Looking for a specific wine? If so, click here to email Brandon!


**Please note, all 2022 Bordeaux Futures will arrive in 2025**