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Service Included

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Product Description:

"Follow author Phoebe Damrosch on her journey through the food world and her rise to working in the pinnacle of Manhattan restaurants, Per Se. Her aspirations of being a four star server led her to a world of secrets and inspired her wonderfully well written book, Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter. Follow her journey from the bottom to the top of the food service industry, and find out what really happens once you get there!
WARNING: You won't want to put this down once you pick it up!

From the Publisher: Kitchen Confidential meets Sex and the City in this delicious, behind-the-scenes memoir from the first female captain at one of New York City's most prestigious restaurants

While Phoebe Damrosch was figuring out what to do with her life, she supported herself by working as a waiter. Before long she was a captain at the New York City four-star restaurant Per Se, the culinary creation of master chef Thomas Keller.

Service Included is the story of her experiences there: her obsession with food, her love affair with a sommelier, and her observations of the highly competitive and frenetic world of fine dining.

She also provides the following dining tips:

* Please do not ask your waiter what else he or she does.

* Please do not steal your waiter's pen.

* Please do not say you're allergic when you don't like something.

* Please do not send something back after eating most of it.

* Please do not make faces or gagging noises when hearing the specials...someone else at the table might like to order one of them.

After reading this book, diners will never sit down at a restaurant table the same way again."