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2015 Eva Fricke Lorch Seligmacher Riesling Qba 1er CruRiesling from Germany


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"Eva Fricke's home base has been in Eltville since last autumn and her vineyards are located in Lorch, Eltville and Kiedrich. Since this year (2016), she cultivates a total of ...

  • 93 Stephan Reinhardt - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
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"From the highest, steepest (44%) and coolest (and windiest) vineyard, Eva Fricke cultivates south-east facing vines on slate and quartzite soils. From this site comes the 2015 Rheingau Riesling Lorchhäuser Seligmacher. Based on up to 50-year-old vines, the Seligmacher opens with a lovely, clear and smoky bouquet that displays a widely open, white fruit. Full-bodied, piquant and rich, this is a mouth-filling, racy, crystalline and elegant Riesling with a perfectly integrated sweetness (12 grams per liter) and herbal flavors in the aftertaste. This is another serious Riesling with grip, vitality and tension. The finish is very long and compact."

Product Description:

"Eva Fricke's home base has been in Eltville since last autumn and her vineyards are located in Lorch, Eltville and Kiedrich. Since this year (2016), she cultivates a total of ten hectares of vines; whereas in 2015, it was an acreage of 6.2 hectares. In 2016, only 7.3 hectares will be harvested. "The new vineyards need two or three years to grow as we want them. They were farmed with herbicides before, but now everything—all the rows —are green-covered; [there are] also younger plantations." "2015 was a super vintage for us," says Miss Fricke. "Although it was terribly hot and dry, the acidity levels surprisingly didn't go down and the must weights did not climb that high. Due to organic farming, we didn't have much stress in our vineyards. We also have only 0.5 % more alcohol than in 2014. The dry extract levels were less high, due to dryness, but thanks to the vital acidity our 2015s are more energetic." Fricke started harvesting on the first of October, but then stopped because the ripeness wasn't there. The first pre-selection for the Rheingau Riesling started on October 6/7, and the rest was picked between the middle and end of October, or even in November. "There was a bit of rain around October 9, which was very good for the vines and activated the enzymatic development again, which was inhibited since the dry summer." In fact, the tartaric acidity was enormously high in 2015, before the acidity decreased. The dry extracts were immensely high (25 grams per liter), even in Kiedrich, where Eva Fricke has been organic since 2014. The recent wine series is the finest Eva Fricke has ever bottled. Especially her Rieslings from Lorch, which are among the very best that the Rheingau has produced in 2015. The wines have a brightness, vitality, precision and finesse that is unrivaled in this region; they seem to be closer to Mosel or Saar than to any other Rheingau Rieslings. I could easily drink a bottle of all her wines and would not feel sick or sated. Also, Eva Fricke's Rieslings could be aged for 15-20 years easily. In certain ways, these are Rheingau classics—so, wines from the pre-global warming era. The fruit is white and pure, intertwined with minerals and structured by a crystal-clear acidity. Great wines indeed, almost all of them are highly recommended." Stephen Reinhardt

Product Detail

Item # 97062
Country Germany
Region Rheingau
Sub-Region Rheingau

93 - Stephan Reinhardt - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Vintage 2015
Color White
ABV 11.5%
Varietal(s) Riesling
Size 750 mL
Closure Cork
Taste apple, pear, peach, apricot and honey
Nose petrol, flint, rose petal, violet, orange peel, apple, pear and peach