If You're a Dog Person, You Need to Try at Least One These Wines

Posted March 25, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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In case you were unaware, dogs and wine are king of a thing. Beyond being great company and fantastic listeners, dogs are ubiquitous throughout the production of everybody's favorite beverage. It's important to remember that growing grapes is still farming, and every farm has to have a dog, so of course it stands to reason that sometimes the winery dog gets its own wine! So grab your furry buddy and read up, because these bottles are all just begging to be adopted.

2012 Hoopla 'The Mutt' Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

The Mutt is named after the winery's resident rescue dogs, Maya and Sophie. The wine is made with "seconds" or leftover extra grapes, which means that the varieties can vary from vintage to vintage. Instead of skirting the fact, the winemakers embraced it the same way they embraced their lovely mutts.


2012 Cameron Arley's Leap Pinot Noir

Arley was an acrobatic dog. So acrobatic that, when he was once startled by a cat, he managed to leap from a second story balcony and live to wag his tale. Arley isn't with us anymore, but he's been immortalized alongside stags and frogs as a leaping wine mascot.


2011 Yard Dog Red

This vintage of Yard Dog is not a well behaved dog. Cab, Petit Verdot, and Touriga Nacional have "gone feral" according to the wine maker. They've spent too much time out in the yard being ignored by Australian winemakers, and have started to run wild! "Beware the yard dog," they say. We say the Yard Dog is freaking delicious.




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