What to Drink While You're Cooking Christmas Dinner

Posted December 10, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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In preparing what will no doubt be a lovely meal, albeit in a passive-aggressive family-filled environment, it is important to stay properly hydrated (or at least stimulated) throughout the process. Below are some perfect wines to drink while cooking (and let’s be honest: taste-testing to the point of basically having a meal) a holiday dinner.

We begin the culinary extravaganza with the understanding that you are going to graze while you cook and drink. With that established, we suggest the 2010 Gioielli Cap Corse Blanc. The savory, crisp approach of this Coriscan white is the perfect compliment to that stolen bite (or two) of mashed potatoes or even the sweetness of a premature bite of tonight's desert. It’s also ideal in preparing you for the grilling from your parents about how that budget is coming along that you haven’t looked at since their Thanksgiving visit, or when your in-laws are asking you when they can be expecting grandchildren. Take a sip and dream of the island this wine comes from. They can't find you there.

As the meal preparations progress and you decide it’s time to break out the next bottle, we suggest the drier 2010 Stella Bella Chardonnay. The added beauty of this phase? You can baste the bird (again... already?) with it as you sip, simultaneously enhancing the flavor of the main dish and increasing your patience threshold with your family. Two birds, one stone. Furthermore, the Stella has absolutely amazing fruit on it, so it goes just as well on its own as it does with fruit. Great for your guests to admire your wine game while you distract them from the fact that your startup's acquisition numbers have seriously dropped off.

So, there you have it. A food-friendly Vermentino to drink during early preparation, and a classic Chard to sip as the cooking comes to a close. Whites in winter are a thing! Don’t stress. You’ve got this. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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Stella Bella Chardonnay

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Gioielli Cap Corse Blanc

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