The 94 Point, $19.99 Cali Cabernet that features raves from TP, Robert Parker and more.

Posted April 13, 2017

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** At just $19.99 per bottle, this stunning red earned a 94 Point score from the Tasting Panel as well as incredible notes from Robert Parker and Forbes Magazine!

** "Daniel Cohn’s 2014 Bellacosa, a delicious supple, and savory wine that defies the stratospheric Napa pricing game. Check it out!” - Robert Parker

** Free Shipping on all orders of 6+ bottles today while supplies last! (We have a feeling that most of you are going to want to buy by the case.)

** Please note, this was the end of the vintage on this wine so we are not able to get any additional quantity once this sells out!



2014 Daniel Cohn Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon
94 Points Tasting Panel
List Price - $25
Wine Library Sale Price - $19.99
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“…Daniel Cohn’s 2014 Bellacosa, a delicious supple, and savory wine that defies the stratospheric Napa pricing game. Check it out!” - Robert Parker

It is one of the most exciting things to find as a wine buyer in the business today. The perfect California Cabernet that sells for $19.99 or less per bottle. There are a ton of Cabernet offers on the market in the $19.99 price point or less but there are very few that are generating the level of excitement as the Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon from Daniel Cohn.

Let us explain ....

94 Point Cabernet for $19.99 per bottle
This is an early favorite for one of our top-selling wines of the year

As we mentioned above, the wine drinks like a wine that is priced far higher than $19.99. It's packed with flavor, medium to full bodied with a finish that seems to go on for 60+ seconds. It's a fantastic buy for Cabernet lovers around the world, although those of you who buy big time Napa Valley names will love this even more.  

To say that this is one of the greatest Cabernet values in the $19.99 price point we have ever offered might seem like an awfully strong statement ... but just wait until you try this. There is a reason why this particular wine and winery is getting so much buzz right now.

The proof is what is in the bottle. Grab it while you can.

It's got incredible press.
94 Points from TP along with incredible notes from Robert Parker himself and Forbes Magazine

This review really helps to say it all.  

"Deep, earthy chocolate notes invigorate the palate.Raspberry painted on blueberry painted on blackberry makes for layers of sumptuous fruit,with a juiciness that goes to the max. The acidity is just right and pinpoints the pleasure principle for pairing with duck, grilled meats and cheese." - 94 Points Tasting Panel

If reading that doesn't make you want to run to grab a bottle or more of this, take a look at the notes from Robert Parker himself.  While there is no score published from Parker at the moment that we could find, he posted on his bulletin board the following notes:

"Daniel Cohn’s 2014 Bellacosa, a delicious supple, and savory wine that defies the stratospheric Napa pricing game. Check it out"

Parker then went on to tweet about this wine raving "Excellent $25 #Cabernet from #Napa—a super value!". 

That tweet was last year and recently he also tweeted about the new vintage of this wine as well.  

In addition, Forbes magazine just published an article called "What Every Start-Up Entrepreneur Can Learn From America's Hottest New Wine"

They go on to talk about Daniel Cohn and mention the 2015 vintage of this wine.  

Bottom line, this wine is on fire right now.

More about Daniel Cohn ... and the backstory of Bellacosa
There is a reason why everyone is raving over this spectacular Cabernet

"Bellacosa Cabernet Sauvignon harkens back to a time when wine was expertly crafted in small batches by artisans whose passion was to make the most memorable wine; an era in California when vineyards were family farmed and wines were made by hand in pursuit of purity, flavor and finesse. Bellacosa embodies the connection of soul and experience; a subtle force that brings people together. Rich, velvety and complex, it is a beautiful expression of Sonoma Cabernet; a wine to savor, share and create lasting moments together.

Daniel Cohn grew up in Sonoma Valley, the epicenter of all things food and wine. Dan learned the wine business from the inside out at an early age. Walking the vineyards, hands in the soil, working in the cellar, racking barrels and cleaning tanks, he was raised around some of the early California wine industry stars – winemakers such as Helen Turley, Mary Edwards and Steve MacRostie to name a few. It is said that there is an unspoken beauty being born into music and raised in wine, where inspiration, artistic freedom and perseverance create timeless treasures…

Following the sale of his family’s iconic winery, BR Cohn, in 2015, Dan set out to create an experience that is truly his own.

His relentless commitment to creating memorable wine has brought forth the first cabernet sauvignon release for the Daniel Cohn Wine Company… ”Bellacosa”, it is truly a “beautiful thing”. Daniel Cohn’s Bellacosa’s five star reviews surfacing across consumer wine apps and Robert Parker’s recent rave review are proof that Daniel Cohn has created something very special for all to share" - Winery

All in all, this is a flat out stunning bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Grab it while it lasts at $19.99. It won't be around long!


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