Epic Vintage Alert: German Riesling

Posted July 22, 2016

George Feaver


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9/14/16: MORE Peter Lauer

This just in: Peter Lauer's 2015 Riesling Barrel X. The distributor writes:

One of the best Barrel X’s we’ve ever tasted from Lauer - the “entry-level” Saar Riesling sourced from a few different villages in the Saar, including Florian’s hometown of Ayl. This is dry tasting, and much sharper than last year; much more serious, which will please greatly the German wine fanatics. Want to know what Saar Riesling should taste like? Here you go: A sweet-tart nose of peach and slate mixed with very fine shavings of lime and citrus - very airy and buoyant and clean. Surprisingly intense for a wine with such a misty-fresh nose - saturating pear and stone fruit cut sharply by a duo of mineral and acid, that calling card of great Saar Riesling.

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8/18/16: Peter Lauer Wines from the Saar - 2015s

Florian Lauer is best known for his dry-ish Rieslings; it’s safe to say they’ve earned him a cult-like following. His wines are hard to come by and absolutely among the most thrilling Rieslings coming from the Saar.

We have added four Peter Lauer wines (include one magnum selection) to our 2015 German Riesling presale!


8/12/16: 100% Riesling… Since 1680!

Now that’s a great slogan!

2015s from Weingut Max Ferdinand Richter now available our 2015 German Riesling presale!

Richter has long been a go-to source for quality and value in German Riesling. With the stellar 2015s on the way, we are going to be over the moon when we taste the 2015 range on the 16th of August with Dirk Richter himself.

Wine Library has already secured some cases of “track record heroes” Veldenzer Elisenberg Kabinett and Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Spatlese and we will likely be taking on more skus than just these two.

Stay tuned…


Racy Kabinett driven by mature tartaric acid. Very typical aromatic structure of red berries, as well as nuances of grapefruit and slate stone.


White peaches supported by a basket of exotic fruit, intense ripeness and creaminess on palate, yet very elegant and full of finesse. The opulent aromatic structure is balanced by slate stone minerals and ripe fruit acid. Very elegant.

The estate of Max Ferdinand Richter has been owned by the Richter family for more than 300 years. Today this enterprise, owned and run by winemaker Dirk Richter, is one of the leading producers of top Rieslings in the heart of the central Mosel area with total holdings of 43 acres and an annual production of about 10,500 cases.

Richter not only produces fine wines that are well known throughout the world, such as Erdener Treppchen, Wehlener Sonnenuhr, Graacher Himmelreich, and Brauneberger Juffer, but also two coveted top wines: Mülheimer Helenenkloster and Veldenzer Elisenberg. The possession of these vineyards dates back to 1813 when their ancestor, in an extreme demonstration of personal courage, succeeded in preventing the sacking of Mülheim by Napoleon. They produce a wide variety of wines from estate-grown grapes that reflect the individual style of each single vineyard. The terroir of their steep vineyard sites is generally fresh weathering grey slate with different compositions of ferruginous (Brauneberg), mineral quartz (Veldenz), or clay soils (Graach, Erden, Wehlen, Mülheim), which determine character and flavour.

The wines of Max Ferdinand Richter enjoy worldwide acclaim. They are ambassadors of the rich cultural heritage of the unique Mosel landscape.

~ Importer

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8/5/16: Added today to our 2015 German Riesling presale! New selections from Schafer Frohlich

“Tim Fröhlich was in an extremely good mood as he pulled back the curtain on his stunning range of 2015ers.... The first Riesling grapes for the dry wines were brought in on the 10th of October this year and parcels were collected as they reached optimum ripeness over the course of the next thirty days, with the very last selections for the GG bottlings being brought in over the course of the first ten days in November... Given fully six weeks to harvest in leisurely and precise fashion, it is not surprising that each and every Schäfer-Fröhlich 2015er that I tasted was showing beautifully and this seems likely to be one of the greatest vintages in the career (thus far) of Tim Fröhlich. Where it was the case that some of the dry wines in other cellars seemed a bit forced stylistically, this is emphatically not the case at SchäferFröhlich in 2015, and the dry bottlings were every bit as fine as the Prädikat wines that I sampled during my visit, and certainly Tim Fröhlich will have (once again) produced some of the most beautiful GG bottlings in the vintage. But, one should also pay attention to the other Trocken Riesling bottlings here in 2015, which are really of exceptional quality and the gap between them and the GGs this year is smaller than in less gifted vintages and they will represent some of the best values to be found in 2015 dry Riesling. ... A great range of 2015ers!”

~ John Gilman, A View From the Cellar, Issue #62

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8/4/16: 2015 German Rieslings - We can’t stop locking them up because they’re so darn great.

Today, we added selections from Hofgut Falkenstein to our Germany 2015 presale selection. Falkentein's wines are insider wines to say the least - pricing is still a true bargain.

Buy with confidence!!!

“Erich Weber of Hofgut Falkenstein makes ultra-traditonal, dry-tasting Saar Riesling. The emphasis is on the work in the vineyards… Erich ferments exclusively with wild yeasts in old, wooden casks in a deep, cool cellar… Falkenstein, therefore, is one of the rare saar producers that specializes in distinctive, bracing, light, dry wines bottled traditionally by the cask. In true Weber form, even his Auslese drinks like another grower’s Spatlese, or even Kabinett.”

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About the Vintage

We just can’t get it out of our heads... All it took was one taste of the 2015 Willi Schaefer Riesling Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett to confirm our suspicions… 2015 is one of the greatest German vintages to ever come down the pike - or the autobahn, for that matter. And the critics have just started to chime in!

Here is John Gilman, the notoriously restrained John Gilman, with his hot-take on 2015 Germans:

"The 2015 vintage in Germany is one of the finest young vintages I have ever had the pleasure to taste... as Germany’s wine producers were given one of the most beautiful fin de saisons that most of them can remember, with absolutely perfect weather for the last five to six weeks of the growing season allowing each estate to take its time in selection and only picking grapes in optimal conditions. To give some idea of just how beautiful the weather was in the autumn of 2015 in Germany and how pristine the grapes ended up as a result, one needs to only look at a few comments from some of the veteran winegrowers in the region to get some idea of just how special the 2015ers are going to be: Helmut Donnhoff commented on the 2015s that “I have only had grapes this beautiful once in my entire career, and this was in my very first vintage of 1971*.” Willi Schaefer was equally enthusiastic, observing that “this vintage reminds me very much of 1975,* which was one of my earliest vintages here and I have been waiting to see another one like it ever since.”


*As a quick aside, both 1971 and 1975, as vintages overall, were rated highly by Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate

As one might expect, Wine Library is bullish on the 2015 Rieslings of Germany and is working overtime to secure allocations of the best, and the best value, wines for a fall arrival.


If you are interested in securing any of our premium offerings from the 2015 vintage, please visit our 2015 German Riesling portfolio.



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