The $30+ wine for $13.99 per bt by the case with free shipping

Posted September 10, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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This is a Sauvignon Blanc for Chardonnay drinkers.

This is the white wine that will make you forget about Kim Crawford, Santa Margherita and others

This is a wine that should cost 2 times the price (or more)

If there was ever a time to buy a wine, at a price far less than what it should normally cost ... this is the time.  Ever wonder what happens when big name wineries sell off a portion of their fruit?  When deals are made to acquire wine that should sell for a much higher price point, bottle the finished juice under a different label, then sell it ... quietly?

Introducing The 2013 Neighbor Sauvignon Blanc

List price - $29.99

Sale price - $14.99

Get it today for $13.99 plus free shipping when you buy 12+ bottles and use the code NB2015

It's a big time wine - Gary Vaynerchuk, Host of WinelibraryTV  

Check out the video above and you will quickly see why the Neighbor is a project we are so excited about.  Each year, the Wine Library team will set out to find one signature white wine and one signature red wine, of enormous quality, that we can turn around and sell under the Neighbor label.

The concept is simple.

1) Find a producer who has excess stock of high quality juice that they need to sell off at a huge discount.

2) Buy that juice from them, then package it under a different label that "hides" the identity of the real producer.

3) Provide our customer with a wine that should cost twice the price (and in many cases more).  We know that once you taste the wines under the Neighbor label, you will be back for more based on the flat out ridiculous pricing.

This wine should be $30 ... instead, it's $13.99 per bt by the case

The 2013 Neighbor is a stunning Sauvignon Blanc, right from the heart of the Napa Valley.  Great notes of apricot and peach.  Perfect for the end of the summer and fall.  Tremendous for Thanksgiving.  All in all .. an all in white wine in a package that delivers flat out incredible value for $13.99 per bottle.

Do you like Kim Crawford, Santa Margherita, Merry Edwards or others in this category? We know many of you drink the wines from not only these producers, but many others like them on the market today. 

The goal for the Neighbor, is to show all of you that by sourcing a wine the way we do, dollar for dollar, those big name wines listed above will appear over priced.

Grab this at the special $13.99 per bottle price when you buy by the case while you can.  Remember, use the code NB2015 for the reduced price and the free shipping!  Please note, this code will only be active through Friday at 10AM so grab it while you can!

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The Neighbor Sauvignon Blanc

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Item: 88919

750 mL

Retail: $29.99

$14.99 per btl