Take 60% off: Our #1 Pinot Noir for Thanksgiving. Details inside

Posted November 12, 2016

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Its time for Pinot Noir
Its time for a massive discount
Its time .... for our #1 Thanksgiving Pinot Noir pick!!
Look quickly.  The days leading up to Thanksgiving are few.  As we start to think ahead, the question of what wine to serve usually pops up.  There are a ton of options obviously here.  Thanksgiving is one of those holiday events where you can literally use your imagination and come up with some amazing pairings .... utilize a variety of wines from around the world ... and serve a selection of different offerings that should provide something for everyone.
With all of that being said ... you still want to have a "go to wine" regardless.
Something you know the entire group will love.
Something you know you will need to buy multiple bottles of because your guests will come back to it over and over and over again.
Something you know long after Thanksgiving is over ... you yourself will want to try again and again.
On Wednesday, November 16th, we are set to offer up our pick for this season.  A stunning Pinot Noir that will be available for 60% off the suggested list price.  A wine that has earned rave reviews in the past and one that many of you may have tried in previous vintages and come back for case after case after case.

This vintage might be the best yet and at this price ... it's a no brainer!!

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