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Posted April 16, 2016

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96 points and only $15.99???  How is that possible...
Today we present, for far less than $20 a bottle, a 96-point red from Victoria. It's a  fantastic bargain from one of the top producers in the region and represents a simply remarkable buy!  
This wine is now $15.99 a bottle. Our sale price is valid today only or while supply lasts - which won't be long.  This is a no-brainer buy, especially when shipping is waived on full case purchases!
2009 Mount Langi Ghiran Cliff Edge Shiraz Victoria
96 Points James Halliday, Australian Wine Companion
List Price $24.99
Our Price $19.99
One Day Only Sale Price $15.99, plus free shipping by the case with code EDGE!

An incredible 96 Point value at our lowest price yet!  Please note, this special double discount offer is valid today only or while supply lasts.  Whichever comes first!  
From the iconic Mount Langi Ghiran Estate, a 96-point Shiraz for just $15.99. Spicy, savory, age-worthy, this wine is worthy every penny. 

The price is pretty outrageous.
We do our best to deliver amazing wines, and this must be one of our best. 96 points and only $15.99. We aren't mathemeticians, but we are pretty sure the quality-to-price ratio is through the roof. It's a Shiraz that's perfectly priced for a family reunion and drinks like a premium buy.  

James Halliday was floored by this release, declaring it a 'Great Bargain'  Why? The wine team at Mount Langhi have never been satisfied with the typical fruity Aussie Shiraz at this price point.  Rather, their focus on old vine, terroir-driven expressions of Shiraz, with a 'sense of character', have put these wines into the hands of the greatest wine enthusiasts and Aussie wine collectors all around the world.  Clearly, a gorgeous red at this price, the 2009 Mount Langi Cliff Edge Shiraz truly is a "Great Bargain"!

The terroir is entirely unique
Situated between two mountain ranges in southern Victoria, the Grampians is a cool-climate region with a long ripening season, bringing out the spicy side of Shiraz. According to a Decanter article, the Australian Wine Research Institute found that Grampians Shiraz has the highest concentrations of the chemical responsible for that peppery note.

Mount Langi Ghiran was making cool-climate wines in the Grampians before it was cool. Not before the climate was cool, but before cool-climate was cool...Anyway, this type of climate, along with granitic, well-drained soils, brings out a different side of Australian Shiraz. The fruit is restrained, fresh rather than jammy, balanced with the savory, peppery notes for which northern Rhone reds are known. 

The producer is an icon
Mount Langi Ghiran is an icon for Australian wine. Sourced exclusively from the winery's own vineyards including the Langi ‘Old Block’ itself, the 2009 Cliff Edge Shiraz shows all the hallmarks it is famous for – Blueberry, Black Cherry, spice and velvety tannins.  Recently, their wines have been revisited and recognized for their ability to age well. Whatever your opinions are on screwcaps, these are gorgeous wines of structure and finesse. 
For everything from summer barbecues to Friday night dinners, make this is your go-to red this summer. 
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