Some offices have afternoon coffee breaks. We have afternoon Krug breaks.

Posted October 09, 2016

Stacy Brody


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As much as we love our day jobs, we love taking a break to sample Champagne. Especially Krug. 


The Krug Champagne house was established in 1843. They own several Grand Cru vineyards and source from many of the region's best growers. Krug tastes wines WITH their growers. What better way to show your producers the quality of their products than to taste with them, to show them what makes wines great. In the process of tasting, you open up the door to productive discussions of vineyard practices and havest dates. By showing growers the beautiful wines their grapes are a part of, you motivate them to not only continue providing excellent quality, but to push those upper limits even higher. 


I see no better motivating factor than Krug Champagne. 


With the Krug representative, our wine team sampled two vintage wines, the Grande Cuvee and the Rose. 


It was amazing how completely different the 2003 and 2000 vintage Champagnes are. Each gorgeous in its own right but absolutely 180 degrees from one another. The 2003 is opulent, the 2000 more linear. The 2003 growing season was hot, whereas 2000 was more classic. 


The Grande Cuvee is a blend of wines from 120-plus different plots and 10-plus years. The Krug cellar typically houses 150 reserve wines, spanning 15 years, so the winemaker has plenty to play with. Pinot Noir is typically predominant in their blends, followed by Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier is typically less than 10% of the final blend. 


Lastly, the Rose, rarer than even the vintage Champagnes from Krug. Krug owns two Grand Cru-level plots of Pinot Noir. From these plots, they produce a still wine which is used in to make this stunning rose. 


We currently have the 2003 Krug Champagne available. This makes a great bottle for wedding and anniversary gifts, special celebrations and the best New Year's Eve you'll ever have. 


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750 mL

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