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Our Under, $10 Deal of the Year

Picked by: Wine Library

"If you drink Chardonnay under $15, you should buy 2 cases of this wine" - Gary Vaynerchuk. This is, for sure, a value-based white wine to stock up on. Compares to $20-$30 bottles!!

2017 Healthy Hills ChardonnayChardonnay from United States


List Price: $14.99

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100% the best bottle of Chardonnay you will find for $15 or less! This is an incredible effort. Medium bodied with the perfect balance of oak and a super creamy texture...

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"If you drink Chardonnay under $15, you should buy 2 cases of this wine" - Gary Vaynerchuk

"I'm super passionate about this wine. This is going to blow you away ... it's delicious! Anyone that is a Bogle drinker, you should buy cases of this. You will see as soon as you taste it. You will see the nuances of some of the $30 Chardonnay efforts you adore." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Watch the video below as Gary Vaynerchuk, star of Wine Library TV tastes and gives his review on the Healthy Hills Chardonnay!

This is the ultimate case of wine for $100. Period. End of story. Compares to $20-$30 bottles!!

So many of you are going to look at the $20-$30 you are spending on Chardonnay now ... and literally be amazed that you paid just $100 per case here!!!

Kendall Jackson
Sonoma Cutrer
Rombauer (to a higher price point)
La Crema

So many of you on this list love the Chardonnay efforts put out by the producers above for a variety of reasons.  For many, some of the names above give off a flavor profile that might actually come off as sweet when it comes to fruit.  The reality however for many, is that there is simply that "delicious" factor to those wines that keep you coming back for more.  

This gives you that same "delicious factor" when it comes to overall fruit that you love in so many of those wines listed above. There is a great underlining acidity in the Healthy Hills Chardonnay that you would expect from a $20 Chardonnay!!

Free Shipping on all orders of 2+ cases with the same code HHC17

This is, for sure, a value-based white wine to stock up on. We know it's early to start thinking this way, but the holiday season will be here before you know it and many of you on this list will be looking for wines like this.

~ Great wines to drink during the week with dinner
~ Ideas for gifts for friends, family or clients
~ Something to open when someone stops by for a quick visit
~ A great bottle to keep in the refrigerator for that perfect casual glass of wine

Whatever you decide, the Healthy Hills Chardonnay will, without question, be that perfect value buy this holiday season for any of you shopping for white wine!! 

At $100 per case today ... it's an incredible buy!

***Buy 12+ bottles and get this for $100/case ($8.33/btl) with code HHC17. Plus shipping is free on 2+ cases with the same code HHC17***