Our Bordeaux Deal of the Year: $35 Quality for Under $20 a Bottle

Posted October 27, 2016

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"I tasted hundreds of Bordeaux last fall to find one or two that brought $30-$49 value for under $20. This was, by far, the most exciting!” - Gary Vaynerchuk, Star of Winelibrary TV

Purchase highlights:

- 90 Points and hand selected by Gary Vaynerchuk, Star of Winelibrary TV, as one of the year's most exciting Bordeaux offers for the $$$
- Ready to drink now!  There is no need to wait on this stunning Bordeaux, it is ready to go now!
- Save even more when you buy by the case!  Use the code CPL12, and all orders for 12+ bottles will earn free shipping and a price of just $14.99 per bottle
- Bordeaux buyers and California red wine lovers alike … this is something both of you will flip for!

2012 Chateau Peyredon Lagravette
90 Points - Gary Vaynerchuk
On sale for $15.99
Purchase a case or more and the price drops to $14.99/bottle with free shipping when you use code CPL12

This Bordeaux is for everyone.

If you love Cabernet or Merlot, need a red wine that’s ready to go and one that’s under $20, Bordeaux - and Wine Library - have your back.

Repeat: This Bordeaux is for everyone.

It’s for wine lovers, new and old, for parties and quiet nights, for Cabernet lovers and Merlot softies, for beef stew dinners and enchiladas. This bottle offers $35 quality for less than $20 per bottle, is  ready to enjoy now and is from an estate that critics have been telling us to pay attention to for more than a decade.

Once more: This Bordeaux is for everyone. That includes you.

Often, Bordeaux is thought of as being too expensive or too stuffy. We think they won’t be ready to drink… well… ever.

We’re here to dispel those myths with a wallet-friendly, palate-friendly, apartment-friendly, doesn’t-need-a-cellar bottle of red that the critics told us about years ago and for which your aged cheddar cheeses, steaks and stews have all been thirsting for.  Take a look at these 3 reasons why we feel this is one of the biggest buys of the year!


1. This is a $35+ value ... for well under $20.   
Because everyone loves a sale

Whether you drink Cabernet or Merlot, you have to love a sale like this. Often, we think Bordeaux is expensive, out of budgetary reach for entertaining or any old dinner. It doesn’t have to be. This is a gorgeous bottle of red: two-thirds Cabernet with one-third Merlot to fill in the structure and give it softness. Typically, we see wines like this one in the $30 to $40 price range. This wine, coming from such an under-the-radar estate (see point #2), is well under $20. Now, Bordeaux becomes a consideration for Sunday family dinners. It becomes an option for pure enjoyment, whether you’re dressed to the nines or just wearing a pair of jeans.

2. This Bordeaux will be ready when the stew is done… no matter how soon that is.
Another reason we avoid Bordeaux? We don’t think it’s going to be ready to drink in our lifetimes.

You don’t need a cellar for this Bordeaux. You still need a corkscrew. And the wine would prefer proper wine glasses. All in all, this Bordeaux is ready to enjoy now. The fruit is dark and deep. The tannins are soft. The wine has a bit of this gravelly texture (it’s grown on gravel-rich soils). What we are trying to say is, It’s good stuff. Enjoy this now, through winter, and into early spring. It’s a cozy kind of red that can be paired with food or sipped solo. Go ahead, pour a glass after you finish raking the leaves.

3. Critics have been heralding this estate for decades.
Wine lovers have been buying this for years.

It seemed to start years ago.  In his 2003 edition of Bordeaux, A Consumer’s Guide to the World’s Finest Wines, Robert. M. Parker writes that Chateau Peyredon Lagravette “may be one of the best-kept secrets of Listrac.” He describes the house style as “concentrated, full-bodied, ripe,” and while Parker did not rate this wine himself, we find many of those points when tasting the 2012. He goes on to describe the winemaker’s preference for organic winemaking methods, as well as the longevity of the estate’s wines, concluding. “More attention needs to be paid to Chateau Peyredon Lagravette.” 

Parker wasn’t the only one heralding this estate. In his book The Wines of Bordeaux: Vintages 
and Tasting Notes 1952-2003, British Master of Wine Clive Coates writes of the Chateau, “This is one of the best domaines in the appellation… The tannins are ripe and the fruit concentrated.”

These recommendations from rather large figures in the wine world went seemingly unnoticed. But look at Vivino: many fellow wine drinkers either read these books or happily, serendipitously stumbled across this Bordeaux.  And if they stumbled across it once, chances are, they went for it again. Many of the reviewers for the 2012 vintage also enjoyed previous vintages of this wine.

Bottom line, this is a no brainer for any red wine lover on this list.  Especially those that are big fans of Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blends.  

Bonus: A Bottle of Bordeaux for Every Palate and Every Occasion

As we mentioned before, this is not just for Bordeaux buyers. Yes, this is a classic Bordeaux but we also have a feeling those of you who drink mostly California reds and red blends will find a ton to love here. At this price point, it is well worth a try!

It's perfect for parties or as your everyday house red. Buy a case, drink a few bottles at home. Bring a couple to your next BYOB restaurant. Grab a couple more when you get together with friends and family. At this price point, this wine fits for all of those occasions!

Finally, It's the perfect holiday gift for any wine lover on your list. For a stocking stuffer, for a client gift, for a friend ... you name it. This will work for a variety of holiday gifts ... especially at this price!

Grab the 2012 Chateau Peyredon Lagravette today!  Use coupon code CPL12 to get this for just $14.99 per bottle plus free shipping when you order 12+ bottles!

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