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Posted May 26, 2016

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With Memorial Day Weekend almost here, it's time to reveal our top Pinot Grigio pick for the summer.
Not only is this our top pick, this winery just made recent headlines everywhere thanks to a huge feature in the the April 2016 Wine and Spritis Magazine.  In the issue, Wine and Spirits asked restaurants around the country to give them the most popular and most requested wines.  In the Pinot Grigio category, Scarpetta was a star.
In fact, the top 5 brands featured Scarpetta (our highlighted winery today) and it was ranked one slot above Santa Margherita.  It gets better ... Scarpetta is available for much ... much less.
Scarpetta Pinot Grigio 2013
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With Memorial Day just a few days from now, we think it's time to break out your summer clothes and stock up on your white wines. This Pinot Grigio is the perfect wine to put in your refrigerator and your poolhouse. 

Summer is all about refreshment...but that doesn't mean your wine should taste like water. Finally, we've found a Pinot Grigio with pizazz, something lively and spirited, with intense fruit notes, surprising complexity and a lasting finish, too. Now, you must be thinking, for such quality -  for such flavor! - this wine has to be quite pricey. 

The answer quite simply ... is not at all.
Pinot Grigio rankings: One of the top 5 brands of the year, this wine edged out Santa Margarita in Wine and Spirits
The Wine and Spirits Restaurant Poll from April of 2016 is turning heads!
In an annual review of restaurant wine sales, Scarpetta beat out Santa Margarita in the Pinot Grigio category. While its significantly lower price point may initially attract diners, its deliciousness is what makes them order this wine visit after visit. Sommeliers recommend it for its quality and versatility.  

In addition, Sommelier and General Manager of Restaurant Marc Forgione, Matthew Conway included the Scarpetta Pinot Grigio in his top five under-$15 picks in an interview with Eater.com last summer.

He wrote: "I think what great value wines all have in common is that they are delicious and over deliver in their price category. They are also wines that can be appreciated and enjoyed by a large audience...Pinot Grigio. This grape gets a bad rep because there is so much that is poorly made. Not because it can’t be interesting. My friends from Frasca Food & Wine in Boulder, Colorado are Friuli fanatics and set out to make a great Pinot Grigio at a better price than much of the swill. Sommelier Bobby Stuckey and Chef Lachlan MacKinnon-Patterson have a gem with their Scarpetta Pinot Grigio della Venezia, Italy."

The Scarpetta is also extremely versatile on the table. It's great as an aperitif or paired with a main course. The company co-founders (more on them later) showcase it alongside risotto, especially seafood risotto. At a recent James Beard Foundation Bold Asian Flavors dinner, the Scarpetta Pinot Grigio was poured with the salad course, Roasted Beet Salad with Miso–Sesame Dressing, Poached Pears, Frisée, and Sesame Seed Brittle.

With such vibrant acidity, it's even great at a picnic with cured meats - especially with Friuli's famous Prosciutto San Daniele.

Which brings us to our next point - it's summer and Pinot Grigio is a no-brainer.
Especially at this price.  For $12.99 and free shipping by the case - this is a case buy all the way

You want refreshing white wines for picnics, porches and poolsides. You want something chilled yet flavorful, with fresh fruit notes and lively acidity.

You couldn't ask for a better wine to get you in the summer spirit.

Summer also means barbecues and family reunions. As Conway notes, Scarpetta is one of those wines "that can be appreciated and enjoyed by a large audience," i.e. everyone from Aunt Sally to your Cousin Vinny will agree, this is tasty wine.

Even the beer drinkers will enjoy it! Like a light beer, Pinot Grigio "is generally light and shows subtle citrusy notes." Thrillist's example of a delicious Pinot Grigio to try out on your beer-drinking buddies? None other than Scarpetta 2012 Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGT, Italy.  We are offering the 2013 today ... but you get the point.  This is something that is super consistent year in and year out.

And for those invitations to parties at which you have no idea what will be served, this wine is, according to the folks at Kitchn, a perfect pick. Trust us, you need these bottles on hand from now till Labor Day, even through December 31.

Why is this such a good value?  Simple .... read on
It tastes good because it's made by the people who know taste best: a master sommelier and an award-winning chef

Scarpetta was founded by Bobby Stuckey, M.S. and Lachlan Mackinnon Patterson. The somm and the chef met at the famous French Laundry and opened their own restaurant in Boulder in 2004. The duo are "Friuli fanatics," styling their restaurant Frasca Food and Wine after the restaurants of this northern Italian region. It was only a natural progression for them to establish a label to showcase Friuli's wines. The Scarpetta elevates Pinot Grigio to the next level: lees aging for weight so the wine isn't blown over at the dinner table, grapes from only the best vineyards because Pinot Grigio expresses terroir, skin contact for structure and flavor, stainless steel aging for crisp refreshment,

As Elaine C Brown (Wakawaka Wine Review) writes of a dining experience with Scarpetta's founders, "For Frasca’s chef, cooking is all about layers of flavor made through treating the flavors with time. In listening to Mackinnon-Patterson explain the courses, while tasting the foods and the wine, what I find in common are delicate flavors with stamina and presence. Each course, like the wines, comes in lifted, dancey, and rich."

Stuckey and Patterson are reinvigorating Pinot Grigio for your summer refreshment.

Put this baby in the fridge for the ultimate refresher all summer long.  You will thank us later!

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