Huge 96 Point Barolo offer coming Tuesday, Feb 10th at 12 noon. Details inside

Posted February 03, 2015

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This is a big one.  Huge special offer coming on Tuesday, February 10th at 12 noon

Collectors, get ready.  Next Tuesday, we are set to bring you an incredible offer on a 96 Point rated Barolo from one of the best producers in the region.  Not only will we offer a simply outstanding sale price, we will have a built in additional discount by the case! 

Here is what you can expect:

- 96 point

- $59.99 per bottle

- $46.99 per bottle when you buy by the case

- Available at noon on Tuesday 02/10

- From a classic producer that Barolo buyers will recognize in an instant

- Just entering its prime drinking window now.

All in all, this will be an offer that Collectors especially will remember for a long time to come.  For those of you who love Barolo, it will be a total no brainer.  For all of you who have been curiously looking at Barolo and looking for some advice on what producers to try, this offer is one you should take a long look at.

Don't get used to seeing this kind of price from this producer however.  This is a one time offer that will be almost impossible to replicate.

:)  We're excited. 

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