How I Discovered A Love For Wine With One Bottle

Posted October 06, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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by Terry Southard - Wine Library Order Department

Let me be frank: I don’t know a lot about wine. Don’t misunderstand me. I love wine, but when it comes to picking out fruit and coffee with charcoal...not there yet. I did make a breakthrough last week; my keen nose picked out the green apple aroma from my glass, right after I pulled off the perfect swirl, as if I was a seasoned pro. Seeking some boost to my pride in this area, I asked my girlfriend if she could taste the readily apparent fruit. Her response…”It tastes like wine”. VICTORY! Well, at least for one bottle. One moment.

I bought this varietal especially for my aforementioned significant other in an attempt to score some points. She prefers the sweets more than me, but this wine quickly won me over. It has a beautiful aroma, a silky sweet taste, and a really smooth finish.

The bottle in question? The 2011 Max Ferd Richter Spatlese Veldenzer Elisenberg Riesling. A mouthful to pronounce, but worth the mouthful of taste. For the rest of this article, let’s just refer to this delicious vintage as ‘Max’.

Before I tried this wine, I was the type of consumer that just walked into any liquor store and bought any wine that was on sale, usually a white zinfandel (yeah, I know, I know). It was all I knew. I never did any research on what each type of wine was. I began to develop a love for Rieslings, but it wasn’t until I tasted the Max that I could really differentiate between an ‘eh’ wine to a really nice one… and this from a newbie.

So, this article not only is aimed at letting you know about a really good wine, but to ease the worries of all my fellow ‘newbies’ out there. You TOO can tell the difference. You may not be able to detect certain aromas, taste specific berries, and certainly not be able to pinpoint the vintage. However, rest assured you can tell the difference.

I know you’ve all been waiting for the big reveal: the price. Some of you are probably thinking “Hey, you work at Wine Library. It’s your job to tell us to buy this bottle.” (I’d be thinking the same thing). Not the case here! Off hours, I played customer (like you) and asked one of our incredibly experienced wine consultants to direct me toward a Riesling with some residual sugar in a price range that wouldn’t feel weird for a weeknight.

So, for $21.98, normally $29.99, The 2011 Max Ferd Richter Spatlese Veldenzer Elisenberg Riesling is a very affordable Riesling. Drink it alone or with some nice chicken or fish. Either way, you’ll be enjoying the sweet, lingering taste, and you don’t even have to be a pro to do it!



Item: 69916

750 mL

Retail: $29.99

$21.98 per btl