Here's What We're Drinking During The Big Game

Posted January 29, 2015

Steve Unwin


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Ever wondered to yourself "what do people who work for the world's greatest wine store drink while watching the biggest sporting event in America?" First off, thanks for the compliment, that means a lot. Secondly, we decided to ask around the store to get an idea:


"I'm drinking Brunello and watching Tom Brady show off his ball-handling skills."

- Lauren

"Savart L'ouverture Blanc de Noir Brut. Nothing quite like bubbles and balls while consuming an obscene amount of salty food!"

- Sandra

"I don't always drink Cupcake, but when I do, I'm much better at faking excitement during the Superbowl."

- Melissa

"Between the pre-game pageantry, halftime, and the commercials, it's a long day, which means multiple bottles -- a low alcohol choice like this Muscadet will allow me to keep diagnosing defenses well into the 4th quarter, and it also has the acidity to work with spicy wings and nachos."

- Matt

"I'm drinking Cornas. Waiting for 10 years for a wine to be drinkable is thematically appropriate for sitting through five hours of commercials interrupted by brief bursts of football."


"I'm pounding an old vine GSM from Walla Walla with my Buffalo Wings in celebration of Seattle delivering a mighty spankin' to New England."

- Stephen

"I'm drinking an unfiltered Napa Cab because #dirt #grit #gridiron #Amurca."

- Evan

"I'm sipping on Blomidon Estate's 2010 Maréchal Foch since, just like the team I'm pulling for, it can withstand below freezing temperatures for extended periods of time. "

- Geoff

"I'm drinking the 2006 Macarico Aglianico. Mainly because I know my guests will think I spent a lot more than I did. This is seriously killer juice for the money."

- Brandon 

"2004 Corison Kronos Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. Cathy Corison and her wines are to American Wine, what Tom Brady is to American Football: Timeless, classy, built for aging, traditional... and good looking. You should see the view from the Kronos Vineyard along Highway 29! And have you seen Gisele lately?"

- Jon

"Good old Kim Crawford. Because God knows I'm going to need something refreshing after eating fifteen mini pizzas and a gallon of Velveeta."

- India

"Orange wine, because it might be easier to drink than watching the game."

- Ian

"The only drink that'll get me through 4 hours of football and Katy Perry is a Chardonado - a glorious, but sometimes risky mix of Chardonnay and Kettle One Vodka. It won't turn me into any more of an enthused football spectator, but it'll help me remember all of the lyrics of Roar."

- Joey

Steve Unwin (call him Stunwin) cut his teeth in the Washington Wine industry working in tastings rooms on the Red Mountain AVA. In NYC he became an early employee of the wine startup Lot18, where he would eventually earn his Advanced WSET cerification with distinction. Currently, he works with internet wine legend Gary Vaynerchuk creating awesome content all over the internets.
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