Half Price Sale: One big wine. One big 90 Point score. One tiny price.

Posted November 26, 2016

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Black Friday has come and gone. Holiday shopping season is in full swing.

If you haven’t yet started on your holiday list yet, we’re offering an opportunity to check it all off in one day.

Coming Thursday, December 1, we’re offering an outrageous half price sale on a 90-pointer, a premium wine sure to impress all of your gift recipients, from Adam Adamson to Zoe Zwick.

Remember that year you found designer watches on sale for 50% off? You bought the store out and wrapped them all up with bows, kicked your feet up and waited for thank you notes to roll in. You’ll get that same feeling with this deal. Save 50% off original retail on a big wine with a big score. Stock up, wrap up and put your feet up. Holidays don’t get much easier.

Plus, this 90-point selection is ready to enjoy now. Don’t fret over which of your recipients have cellars. As long as they have empty glasses that need filling - and don’t we all - this is the perfect bottle. This delicious wine also offers mouthwatering pairing options. Some of our favorites are wild mushroom risotto and pasta with white truffle sauce.

Knowing you’ll be able to get your holiday shopping done in a snap, you can give yourself the gift of slowing down during this busy time of year. Save a bottle for your own home. Stay in. Stir risotto. Enjoy a quiet dinner with loved ones. Give your family the gift of wine and of time together.

Take advantage of this awesome opportunity. Make sure you’re signed up for our main email list. We will email the full details on this exciting new find at 10 AM EST on Thursday, December 1st!  Cheers.