Four Wines to Buy for Your Date and One To Buy for Your Breakup

Posted October 28, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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Success! It’s taken you longer than you’re proud to admit, but you've finally scored a date with that special someone. And, given how awesome you are, you're going to make them a home cooked meal they’ll never forget. This list will take you through wines for first, second, third and fourth dates. However, we're not naive, so for good measure, we've thrown in a good bottle for a breakup "date" at the end of this list. Actually, that one is more of a "give-it-to-them-and-run" bottle, because are you really going to stick around long enough to drink it with them? Probably not. So buckle your seat belts; we are going on a wine-filled journey through a relationship:

First date: The 2010 Vajra Barolo Albe. It's the first date, and frankly, you have an impression to make. Make it a good one. The The Vajra brings huge floral notes, so we’re already saving you having to buy flowers. This Barolo is also super food-friendly, so whatever you’re about to whip up is going to be backed up perfectly.

Second date: 2008 Romeo El Predicador Rioja. Obviously, the first date went so well that you decided to schedule a second one. Set the tone with this seductive bouquet, eliciting black raspberry, cherry-cola, incense and Asian spices. When you finally take a sip, expect dark berries, and a spicy finish. If that doesn't sound like a second date in a bottle, we don't know what does.

Third date: The 2012 Light Horse Pinot oughtta round out the third date very nicely. Elegant, drinkable, and priced so that you won’t think twice about popping a third bottle. All that’s left to you is making sure your omelette game is on point tomorrow morning.

Fourth date: 2010 Luna Beberide Art. At this point, you can start to see just how well your newfound partner knows his/her stuff. If they can call out that this gigantic, age-worthy monster of a wine is 100% Mencia, maybe they’re they type you want to keep around for when you open the next bottle in 5 years.

The Breakup Date: 2010 Manga Del Brujo Calatayud All good things must come to an end. But let's be honest: you're there to end things, not impress anyone. That’s why this one is a little more on the inexpensive side. With ripe fruit, creamy oak, dry stone, dark chocolate and balsamic herbs on the nose, and flavorful, fruity, acidic and spicy on the palate, this wine is the perfect way to get them to appreciate good wine while also giving a “it's-been-real” vibe to the conversation.

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Romeo El Predicador Rioja

92 Josh Raynolds - Vinous Media

Item: 63328

750 mL

Retail: $35.00

$29.98 per btl

Product Label.

Luna Beberide Art

92 Luis Gutierrez - Robert Pa...

Item: 74439

750 mL

Retail: $55.00

$18.94 per btl

Product Label.

Manga Del Brujo Calatayud

94 Guía Peñín

Item: 77867

750 mL

Retail: $21.00

$14.89 per btl

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Vajra Barolo Albe

94 Wine Enthusiast

Item: 82648

750 mL

Retail: $44.99

$34.98 per btl

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Light Horse Pinot Noir

93 Wine Review Online

Item: 83605

750 mL

Retail: $14.00

$10.98 per btl