Duckhorn fans look here. Our 90 Point Summer Pinot Deal is on sale now. Free Ship on 6 bottles

Posted July 09, 2015

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The ultimate California Pinot Noir value?
Leave it to the people behind the incredible Duckhorn label to figure out how to get a wine on the market like this ... for a price point this low.  If you haven't tried the Migration wines under the Duckhorn umbrella of late, you are in for a huge treat today.  Today, we have the 2010 vintage on sale, which not only scored 90 Points, but is drinking incredibly right now.
Plus ... we are offering free shipping on all orders of 6+ bottles with the code MP2010. 
90 Points - Wine And Spirits
List Price $42.00
Sale Price - $26.99
Plus Free Shipping on all orders of 6+ bottles with code MP2010
Large Buy Super Discount: In addition, we have an even lower price available for orders of 5+ cases.  E-Mail Brandon to find out what the price is by clicking here!
Summer needs more flat-out delicious, 90 Point Pinot Noir ... like this.
This is the time for Pinot Noir.  It is, without question, one of our more popular choices for red wines in the summer. Buyers are always on the hunt for value here, and the price point on Migration is exceptional, especially considering what is in the bottle.  For those of you buying Pinot in the $25-$50 price point, this is going to provide incredible bang for your buck.
Those of you who normally spend up to $19.99 might want to consider reaching up here as the few extra dollars spent on this, make it seem like you might have spent double. 

Bottom line, it's worth way more than you might expect.

Wine & Spirits issued an outstanding 90 Point score to this release of Migration:
“Delicate in weight rather than in flavor, this wine hints at red fruit and mushrooms, layering those flavors long into the finish. There’s some sulfur holding it back, something that should fade in the coming year, allowing the power of the fruit to show more fully.”
That review was back in 2013 and we can tell you that today, the wine is drinking incredibly well.
"This wine displays lovely complexity with a rich entry, balanced acidity, good length and substantial structure. On the palate, it showcases vibrant red fruit with enticing notes of cranberry and strawberry supported by layers of cola and spice. Savory elements of leather, tomato leaf and bacon fat add depth and nuance throughout." - Winemakers notes

Defined by the idea of movement, Migration is dedicated to exploring Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from the finest cool-climate winegrowing regions. This exploration began in California’s acclaimed Anderson Valley, where cool nights, clay soils and fog-enveloped mornings helped to shape a refined and compelling style balancing vibrancy and finesse. Following in this tradition, this lush, complex wine highlights signature Anderson Valley elements of dark cherry and ripe wild strawberry

"An ideally suited vintage for Pinot Noir"  - Bo Felton.

Bo Felton is currently the full time winemaker for Migration.  With today's offer, Felton reminisces back to the 2010 vintage which happened to be the first vintage he worked on this wine as the then newly promoted Assistant Winemaker. 

Our very own Steve Fahy speaks with Felton here about the Anderson Valley, the 2010 vintage in general, the idea behind the Migration label, and why this has become such a popular wine for Pinot Noir lovers around the world.

What is so cool about Anderson Valley anyway?
The Wall St Journal article that blew the doors off the Valley
About a year ago, The Wall Street Journal published a story with the title "California's Coolest New Pinot Noir Appellation: The Anderson Valley has become a Pinotphile's paradise"
They went on to comment "The Anderson Valley is still sparsely populated and ruggedly beautiful. It's also arguably California's coolest new Pinot Noir appellation—literally and figuratively ... Today, many of California's most influential Pinot makers, like Eric Sussman of Radio-Coteau and Kevin Harvey of Rhys Vineyards, have flocked to this narrow valley, some 15 miles long"
There is a ton to love about the Migration Pinot and those of you not already familiar with this area should jump all over this.  It's like reading a textbook on what Anderson Valley is all about.

Click here to order the Migration 2010 Pinot Noir now. Remember, use the code MP2010 and pick up free shipping when you buy 6 or more!


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