A huge, Robert Parker rated Zinfandel find that is perfect for Thanksgiving

Posted November 05, 2016

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It all started with an incredible review from Robert Parker
We were curious so we tried it.
The rest ... will be history.
Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  As a result, over the last few months, our buyers have been on the lookout for some ultra high quality Zinfandel that we could sell in the $20 price range.  We tasted through hundreds of efforts and in the end, hand selected a few to bring in. 
One of them ... really blew us away.
After doing some research on some highly rated Zins in Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate, we came across a winery we were not familiar with.  We picked up the phone, asked to taste the wine ... and we quickly understood why Parker issued such an incredible review.
Fast forward 2 months. 
The wine arrives to us next week.  On Thursday, we will offer it up to all of you.  One of the most exciting, under the radar finds thus far this year.  We flipped for it.  Robert Parker flipped for it.  We know many of you will have the same reaction as well
At just $19.99 per bottle on sale, it's a steal.

On Thursday, we will offer it for just $18.99 plus free shipping when you buy 12 or more bottles.

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