90 Points. 36% off. Huge Offer coming Thursday

Posted September 12, 2015

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Ready for a big time, 90 Point value?
On Thursday, September 17th at 10 AM, we will announce the name of one of our biggest values for the final quarter of 2015!  It's a tremendous find from a producer we did not know in the past, however, after tasting this for the first time, it's a winery we know we will see plenty more from in the future.

Value seekers that are currently on the hunt for possible case buys on exceptional quality wines found in the $15 and under price point ... get ready for this!  With savings of over 35% off the suggested list price, this will be a stunning find for many of you.  In fact, our wine team wasn't sure what to expect after we tasted it for the first time.

Once we did however, we couldn't wait to introduce it to all of you!

To find out the name of this wine, make sure you’re signed up for our main email list! This offer will be sent to your email at 10 AM EST on Thursday, September 17th!