3 Wines Over 90pts for Under $40 For When You Want to Celebrate

Posted October 03, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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A special occasion always calls for a special bottle, but a special bottle doesn’t have to cost a ton of bank. Here are three wines, from three different countries, all of which are absolutely spectacular values for the wine-lover in your life.

Had a baby!

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'10 Vajra Barolo Albe

Given the cost of raising kids these days, we think all parents deserve a break on their Barolos. This 93pt example of the exalted 2010 vintage is the absolute perfect wine to grab a case of and enjoy as you watch your little one become not-so-little. Just try to keep at least one bottle around for her 21st birthday, yeah?

Got that raise!

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'11 Sabon Chateauneuf Du Pape Cuvee Olivets

Roger Sabon is basically CDP royalty at this point. Save yourself the hassle and price of trying to find his coveted Secret des Sabon at auction, and celebrate your arrival in a new tax bracket this astonishing 91pt 2nd label, instead.

Just had, like, a really good day, ya know?

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'10 Luna Beberide Art

Special occasions aren’t all babies and boardrooms. Sometimes you just had a really good day. Sometimes, you just had great hair, and your eggs were perfectly runny, and your favorite song started as soon as you got into the car. What if we told you that you could top off a day like this with an exotic, Spanish, 92-point “Beast of a wine” for UNDER THIRTY BONES? Grab a half a case and keep on hand for

Product Label.

Luna Beberide Art

92 Luis Gutierrez - Robert Pa...

Item: 74439

750 mL

Retail: $55.00

$18.94 per btl

Product Label.

Vajra Barolo Albe

94 Wine Enthusiast

Item: 82648

750 mL

Retail: $44.99

$34.98 per btl

Item: 82749

750 mL

Retail: $45.00

$39.98 per btl