24 Hour Sale on a flat out ridiculous 92 Point Sauvignon Blanc. Kim Crawford and Sancerre fans look here!

Posted April 20, 2017

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***If you drink Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc or Pascal Jolivet Sancerre ... just wait until you try this.

***This is $25+ quality for $11.99 per bottle by the case, plus free shipping with code ALLION

***92 Points from the Decanter World Wine Awards

***Our #1 Sauvignon Blanc in the shop right now ... and perhaps our biggest deal of the year from this varietal!

***Grab a case for the beach, the pool, the porch, spring and summer meals ... you name it. This is off the charts incredible wine for the $$$


2015 Guy Allion Sauvignon Blanc
92 Points Decanter
Wine Library Sale Price - $12.99
Today Only Price, on 12+ bottles, with code ALLION - $11.99 plus free shipping!
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This is a flat-out amazing white wine for the money. 

It's so hard to believe, after tasting this wine, that it costs just $11.99 per bottle by the case. In fact ... when you look at Sauvignon Blanc from around the world - then taste this and compare pricing ... there really is no comparison.

This is one of the best bottles of Sauvignon Blanc we have ever tasted in this price point!!! It's truly an incredible deal!

Like Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc? Normally stock up on Pascal Jolivet Sancerre??
Before you buy another bottle of Sauvignon Blanc this season ... buy this.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the prime, go-to grape varietals when it comes to picking out white wine in the spring and summer months. In reality, it's not just the warm weather however. This incredible varietal is grown all over the world, in a variety of styles ... and in many cases ... one of the big reasons for its widespread popularity ... is the price point.

While Sancerre normally gets a ton of play this time of year (as it should), it's not exactly a super affordable everyday option. That's where today's wine comes in. It's also from the Loire Valley ... but not from Sancerre. This brilliant offering is from Touraine which is a treasure trove of value for Sauvignon Blanc fans. In many cases, more than half the price of your favorite bottle of Sancerre, these outstanding efforts can really impress ... as we can see with today's incredible offer.

We're not just talking about the Loire Valley however. This wine falls into play for so many of you that are buying up Kim Crawford, Oyster Bay, Chalk Hill, Ferrari Carano, Duckhorn, Groth and so many other Sauvignon Blanc efforts.  

This wine is priced at just about the same or less than all of those efforts and dollar for dollar, you won't believe how it stacks up!!

Earned an outstanding 92 Point score from the 2016 Decanter World Wine Awards.
After you taste this for the first time, you will quickly see why it earned such rave reviews!

Now in its 14th year, the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is the world's largest and most influential wine competition. Judged by the top wine experts from around the globe, the DWWA is trusted internationally for its rigorous judging process.

Today's wine earned a 92 Point score during the 2016 awards ... and for good reason! 

"A light perfumed nose of elderflower, pine needles and gooseberry with a touch of grass is followed by a an equally delicate palate with ripe fruit flavours and a twist of capsicum. Good length." - Decanter

Our #1 Sauvignon Blanc pick in the store right now ... and it's not even close.
Time will tell, but this may go down as our biggest Sauvignon Blanc offer of the year!

After you taste this for the first time, you will see exactly what we saw. This has a chance to be one of the best, sub $15 bottles of Sauvignon Blanc you have ever tasted.  

On top of that, the timing for finding the next great Sauvignon Blanc couldn't be more perfect. Warmer weather is right around the corner. Many of you are looking for great $10 to $15 options to bring to the beach ... the pool ... or simply to keep around the house for casual spring meals or nights spent sitting on the porch.

This wine over delivers in each of those scenarios.

As we mentioned before, those of you who have that one single bottle of Sauvignon Blanc you go back to over and over again .... this is the time to change. This is the time to reach for something different. This is the time to discover what many have kept secret for the longest time.

Sancerre may be the home to some of the greatest Sauvignon Blanc bottles in the world ... but Touraine may be home to the best values.

This wine is an incredible example of that fact alone.

Grab it by the case and thank us later. This wine is off the charts!


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