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Ezra Brooks 99 Bourbon


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Gold color. Aromas and flavors of grilled sweet corn with vanilla and pepper, cedar, and white pepper with a full body and a long finish with suggestions of toasted hazelnut. A very complex high proof Bourbon, perfect for sipping with a few drops of water; high end cocktails could be made and pulled in various directions from citrusy to stirred. BEST BUY

4 The Whiskey Wash

Palate: The palate is very even all the way through. No hint of being on a flavor roller coaster even though it is hot at 99 proof it was still very smooth. The flavor profile seems simple with a great mouthfeel and very warming. Flavors include leather, oak, walnut shell, and maple. This feels like a good three season bourbon with those seasons being: last season, this season, and next season. I felt this was a great year round bourbon that's great for sipping or mixing. The flavor profile reminds me most of spring with it's fresh leaf aroma and hints of fruit. It's warm but not too warm. A pleasant way to wake up your palate after a dark winter season. Plus, this bottle won't break the bank.

Item # 122442
Size 750mL
Vintage N/A
Category Domestic Regular Whiskey

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