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Epic Vintage Alert: 2015 German Riesling

We just can’t get it out of our heads... All it took was one taste of the 2015 Willi Schaefer Riesling Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett to confirm our suspicions… 2015 is one of the greatest German vintages to ever come down the pike - or the autobahn, for that matter. And the critics have just started to chime in!


Here is John Gilman, the notoriously restrained John Gilman, with his hot-take on 2015 Germans:

"The 2015 vintage in Germany is one of the finest young vintages I have ever had the pleasure to taste... as Germany’s wine producers were given one of the most beautiful fin de saisons that most of them can remember, with absolutely perfect weather for the last five to six weeks of the growing season allowing each estate to take its time in selection and only picking grapes in optimal conditions. To give some idea of just how beautiful the weather was in the autumn of 2015 in Germany and how pristine the grapes ended up as a result, one needs to only look at a few comments from some of the veteran winegrowers in the region to get some idea of just how special the 2015ers are going to be: Helmut Donnhoff commented on the 2015s that “I have only had grapes this beautiful once in my entire career, and this was in my very first vintage of 1971*.” Willi Schaefer was equally enthusiastic, observing that “this vintage reminds me very much of 1975,* which was one of my earliest vintages here and I have been waiting to see another one like it ever since.”

*As a quick aside, both 1971 and 1975, as vintages overall, were rated highly by Wine Spectator and Wine Advocate


In Mosel Fine Wines Issue No 32, we found an amazing reflection on the 2015 vintage from Weingut Joh Jos. Prum

When asking Katharina Prüm about this vintage, she was very quick to answer: “We never had such a vintage. Also my father does not see any other vintage which allows for a direct comparison. What I love about the wines is that they live from a tension between ripeness from the heat in the summer and freshness from the cool September. The harvest season proved a dream. A little bit of rain brought some relief to the grapes in September and, precisely when we needed it, cool, dry and sunny weather settled over the Mosel, giving us all the time in the world to harvest our grapes. We slowly started our harvest by early October and only finished it, without any stress, on November 4.

As one might expect, Wine Library is bullish on the 2015 Rieslings of Germany and is working overtime to secure allocations of the best, and the best value, wines!


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2015 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Kabinett Riesling
2015 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Kabinett Riesling Riesling from Germany

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