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2015 Leitz Riesling Berg Schlossberg Rheingau Grosses GewachsRiesling from Germany


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"There are recorded documents linking the Leitz family winemaking history all the way back to 1744. Johannes Leitz was born much later, in 1964 in Rüdesheim. This Grandfathe...

  • 95+ Stephan Reinhardt - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
  • 95 David Schildknecht - Vinous Media
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"The straw-yellow 2015 Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg Riesling Trocken GG Ehrenfels is deep, pure and very complex on the nose, where crushed stone flavors are displayed along with dashes of lemon perfume and herbal flavors. Full-bodied, pure and every elegant on the palate, this is an exciting Riesling with great finesse and complexity, with melting rocks. The finish is tremendous and full of salt, grip and tension. This Berg Schlossberg is less rich and mighty than the corresponding cru from Kesseler, but reveals a great elegance, purity and finesse. An impressive Berg Schlossberg.

The vintage 2015 is really a miracle," says Josi Leitz. "After this hot and dry summer, we feared we'd get astronomic must weights and alcohol levels, and low acidity levels, but the result was just the opposite. To me, 2015 is a picture-book Riesling vintage, like perhaps 2007, 2004 and 2001.

In 2015, the 40 hectares of vines (of which 50% are located in steep hillsides and hand-picked by 50 helpers) were harvested between September 26 and October 16. Three presses in the cellar process the estate and purchased grapes.

Team Leitz has produced some of the very best Rüdesheim Rieslings in 2015, with the Berg Schlossberg from the Ehrenfels parcel as the icon wine of the vintage."

95 David Schildknecht - Vinous Media

"Scents and flavors of lemon-laced white peach and almond inform a bottling of exemplary clarity and remarkable delicacy considering its 12.5 percent alcohol. Gentian, iris and chamomile bittersweetly perfume the entire performance of this silken-textured, mouthwateringly salt-tinged bottling that finishes with infectious juiciness and a kaleidoscopic interaction of fruit, stone and floral elements."

Product Description:

"There are recorded documents linking the Leitz family winemaking history all the way back to 1744.

Johannes Leitz was born much later, in 1964 in Rüdesheim. This Grandfather, Josef Leitz re-built the winery after a bombing raid on the area late during the Second World War. His father, Antonius Leitz had briefly taken ownership of the winery before his premature death in 1966. This left his wife, with her flower shop, a household and of course the family winery to run. So, it wasn’t until 1985 when Johannes took over the winery that it once again became a primary focal point of attention.

After taking hold of the family business, he has managed to raise the estate from 2.9 hectares to the 40 hectares that we see today. Over the years, Johannes has gained national and international recognition for his outstanding wines. Internationally, his major markets include Norway, Sweden, the UK and USA.

The growth of the winery has had a positive influence over all the ranges of the wines produced. Specifically the Rüdesheim vineyards of Berg Schlossberg, Berg Rottland and Berg Kaisersteinfels have continued their tradition of being amongst the top dry wines from Germany. All of Johannes’ wines carry his individual signature and show off the varied greatness of the Rüdesheim terroir from which they are born.

With all the growth Johannes has achieved he subsequently produced the new label of Dragonstone and EINS-ZWEI-DRY. These two successfull labels have recently been recognized and won the “IF Communication Design Award 2009”.

These other international successes have been a boon: however, Johannes has stayed true to his roots and homeland. He has been working closely with the Ministry of Environment to restore the traditional terraces above Rüdesheim in the Berg Rottland and Berg Kaisersteinfels vineyards.

In Schlossberg , the soil contains a combination of red clay slate with mixed-in quartzite. The red slates are soft water sediments. Red coloring is a result of the iron content of these slates that have been oxidized to iron oxide under an arid climate, leaving a very rocky, hard soil. It has less minerals than the rich soils of grey slate but still much more than the quartzite soils. The remaining thin layer of soil is very stony and can only store a limited amount of water. In addition to this, the dense, clay subsoil is very difficult for roots to penetrate, creating demanding conditions for grapevines. The soil is quick to warm because of the low water content and high solar radiation levels along the slope. As a result, the vine experiences water stress early in the year and must somehow cope with the available water. The plants react by reducing the number and size of the grapes. Therefore, these sites produce low yields of very aromatic grapes.

The Ehrenfels are the iconic castle ruins that sit atop the Rüdesheimer Berg's western edge. The 40+ year-old vines produce small berries with high concentration. The Ehrenfels Grosses Gewächs combines power and elegance; it isn’t as tropical as the Hinterhaus, nor as floral as the Katerloch and is right behind Rottland in terms of masculinity.

The BERG SCHLOSSBERG shows up with precise aromatics of slate, ripe exotic fruits and the typical intense flavour of this unique vineyard. The scent of orange zest, papaya, mango and passion fruit is overwhelming and you will find with the first sip a powerful harmony of smell and taste. The minerality of BERG SCHLOSSBERG is vibrant and elegant in the same way. It performs absolutely pleasant with the delicate acidity, which is wonderful embeded. We recommend to pair raw marinated prawns with lemon-oil and ginger-jelly or a medaillon of turbot on glazed truffle with parsley puree." -Winery

Product Detail

Item # 102987
Country Germany
Region Rheingau
Sub-Region Rheingau

95+ - Stephan Reinhardt - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

95 - David Schildknecht - Vinous Media

Vintage 2015
Color White
ABV 12.5%
Varietal(s) Riesling
Size 750 mL
Closure Cork
Taste apple, pear, peach, apricot and honey
Nose petrol, flint, rose petal, violet, orange peel, apple, pear and peach