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Chateau D'arlay Macvin RougePinot Noir from France


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Wine: "Red liqueur wine. Blend of 2/3 of fresh must 100% Pinot Noir with 1/3 marc-brandy (aged for 4 years in cask), then matured for 1 year in old barrels. To be served at...

  • 95 Robert Parker - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate
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Please note, this product is a 375 mL bottle.



"The current release of non-vintage Macvin Rouge I tasted was amazing. It reveals huge intensity along with some sweetness and glycerin from its red liqueur."

"One of the most unusual wine estates in France is Chateau d'Arlay, an historic property that was acquired by the Laguiche family in 1960. They own 74 acres in the Cotes du Jura (a largely forgotten appellation) planted with everything from Pinot Noir to such indigenous grapes as Trusseau [sic], Poulsard and Savagnin as well as the more common Chardonnay. The wines are often released very late, and one of their specialties is their Vin Jaune, a sensational wine that makes a great accompaniment with foie gras. However, that cuvee is too expensive to include in this report. The non-vintage Macvin du Jura Blanc is a white wine blended with liqueur, usually made from equal parts Chardonnay and Savagnin mixed with brandy. A powerhouse with 17% alcohol, it is aged for seven years in cask before being released. These incredible curiosities are surprisingly remarkable wines that are definitely worth tasting, particularly if you have a sense of adventure and curiosity. Perhaps Chateau d'Arlay's greatest buys (and they are really spectacular) are their blends of one-third brandy combined with two-thirds grape must, the aforementioned non-vintage Macvin cuvees. The Macvin Blanc is usually composed of equal parts Chardonnay and Savagnin, and the Macvin Rouge is two-thirds Pinot Noir blended with one-third brandy. These offerings are aged four years in cask followed by one year in old oak before being released." (02/12)

Product Description:

"Red liqueur wine. Blend of 2/3 of fresh must 100% Pinot Noir with 1/3 marc-brandy (aged for 4 years in cask), then matured for 1 year in old barrels. To be served at moderate temperature." - Winery

"Located in the heart of the Jura vineyards, the Arlay Castle produces a "Great vintage" of the guaranteed vintage "Cotes du Jura". In effect, this estate was created by the Counts of Chalon-Arlay, Princes of Orange, as early as the High Medieval Period at the foot of their powerful fortress. Later on, it became the Royal Vineyard of England, then of Spain and finally of France. Some authors have even written that Arlay was the oldest Vineyard Castle of France."

"Pleasant hill on the border of the Bresse region and close to the Jura foot-hills, Arlay has a favourable geology with plenty of water underground, which is composed of fossil lime stone and rich marls. Its full South exposure gives the vine-plants the benefit of plenty of sun which are protected from the Northern winds by the hill itself. This is, as the popular expression says, the "Good Country" which offers the Arlay Castle a distinctive place in the regional context."

"It was in 1960 that the Count R. de Laguiche undertook to create a well-known company. He set to shape a vast estate on the family land, where five fine vine varieties were planted: Pinot Noir, Trousseau, Poulsard, Chardonnay and Savagnin. In opposite to the local practice, he gave priority to finding more demanding on far away markets. Today, the estate has an area of approximately 74 acres, with some experimental wine-growing loop parcels. And the reputation of Chateau d'Arlay wines is well known over the five continents."

"His son, Alain, who is today responsible for the wine-growing operations, emphasizes the modern management of the vinifications, followed by traditional treatment in casks in the magnificent cellars of the Castle. The coral, red and white wines, the long-keeping yellow wine, the straw wine, the Macvin, the old destemmed grape eau-de-vie and old brandy are above all sought out for their elegant colour, the fineness of their aromas and the complexity of their bouquet. This natural noble character of the wines of the Arlay Castle are the culmination of a particular rather than general native quality. This is certainly the mark of a great vintage, isn't it?" - Winery

Product Detail

Item # 65504
Country France
Region Jura
Sub-Region Macvin

95 - Robert Parker - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Vintage N/A
Color Red
ABV 17.0%
Varietal(s) Pinot Noir
Size 375 mL
Closure Cork
Features Dessert
Taste ripe cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry and mushroom
Nose barnyard, cherry, plum, game and tomato