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2009 - Casa Marin Pinot Noir Litoral

  • Sub Region

    San Antonio
  • Region

  • Size

    750 mL
  • Country

  • ABV

  • Varietal(s)

    Pinot Noir
library code: 79425


"Casa Marin's story began with its founder, owner and winemaker, Maria Luz Marin's, dream. Nothing better describes this winery than the story of a woman who fought to create a unique winery with fine, exclusive wines. In 2000, against advice from colleagues and experts, she decided to establish her winery in Lo Abarca, a small town in the San Antonio Valley. Despite warnings about problems with location, the cool-climate and people's disbelief, she was successful in creating a company whose wines have been awarded throughout the world and have helped position Chile in a distinct light with its high quality, high value wines."

"Vina Casa Marin is a family business run by Maria Luz Marin. Her son Felipe Marin follows in her footsteps as a winemaker. Together they have created the most awarded Chilean wines outside of the country in the icon and premium categories, and they represent people who dedicate themselves exclusively to the winery. In general, the team is the Marin family - siblings and children - who continue on passionately support this boutique winery's growth. - Winery

"Vina Casa Marin is located in a privileged and unique terroir but one that can seem adverse. The town of Lo Abarca is just 4 kms. from the Pacific Ocean and is covered by a constant fog during the summer and winter months. It's also a very windy area with cold temperatures during the grape growth and ripening period. However, these conditions make the vines produced a superior quality fruit than other valleys with higher temperatures and with massive production. The harvests are not abundant, but the plants that grow here are strong with healthy grapes and greater flavor and mineral concentration that add unique qualities and character to the wines."

"According to geologists, this area was once part of the ocean which is why there have been high levels of calcium and minerals (each adds to the grapes) found in excavations the winery has done. In fact this is where the new plant name "tierras blancas" (white soil) came from because of its color and the abundant presence of calcium carbonate. Casa Marin's terroir is made up of 50 hectares of hills and valleys, of which 10 newly planted. The winery has 8 sections divided into 38 blocks, each with distinct geological and geographic characteristics and planted with its respective grape variety." - Winery

This wine was rated 86 Points by the Wine Spectator.