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2008 - Clos Thales Les Clos Rouge

  • Sub Region

    Cotes du Catalanes
  • Region

  • Size

    750 mL
  • Country

  • ABV

  • Varietal(s)

    Grenache / Garnacha
library code: 78357


"We came to Maury because of Jeff Bishop. He discovered it for us. He and his friend Art Rose visited Maury in 2004 and were overwhelmed by its unknown beauty, and by the amazing vineyards that were being abandoned daily. He had a crazy idea that he could buy a couple of these vineyards and somehow make wines here-- simple wines, and fun ones. And that it would be wonderful to have one foot in Maury. So he founded Bistro Freres with Art and another friend, Max Schwartz; he brought in his friend Abe Schoener to help with winemaking and working with the crazy ancient vineyards. Jeff found Richard Case, who was making his own Doamine de la Pertuisane there, and Richard rescued us. He became our guide to everything in Maury, offered us a home for our wines, and toiled to make them-- even though making his own wines was responsiblity enough. Abe was overwhelmed by the promise of Maury too and recognized that there were a few other vineyards in Maury as amazing as La Florine-- and that their future was uncertain. He imagined a few more friends joining the excitement, buying these amazing vineyards, making the wine with Richard's help, and then bringing some wine back home that would dumbfound a world that had forgotten about Maury. Within a few years Bistro Freres spawned Clos Thales, and sometime soon, both labels will be combined under the CT rubric." -Winery