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2011 - Domaine Du Possible C'est Pas La Mer A Boire

  • Sub Region

    Cotes du Roussillon
  • Region

  • Size

    750 mL
  • Country

  • ABV

  • Varietal(s)

    Grenache / Garnacha, Carignan / Carinena, Syrah / Shiraz
library code: 76297


"In French, the expression 'c'est pas la mer à boire' is akin to the English idiom, 'it's a piece of cake'. Loic Roure, the winemaker, works 10.5 hectares around the Cotes du Roussillon appellation. The C'est pas la mer a boire, a blend of Grenache, Carignan, and Syrah is, in fact, very easy to drink! Loic makes his wines with as minimal intervention as possible, thus creating pure and fresh cuvees."