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2010 - Di Giovanna Viognier

  • Sub Region

    Sicilia IGT
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  • Size

    750 mL
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library code: 72515


"Following in the footsteps of our Great Grandfather Cristoforo Ciaccio who planted the first vineyards in 1860 and aged his wines in the cellar of the old farmhouse Fiuminello, the Di Giovanna family has continued to cultivate its vineyards with unwavering dedication and pride for generations."

"In 1985, Aurelio Di Giovanna and his wife Barbara, initiated in-depth study of their mico-climates and soils. Following careful cloning and testing they identified the vines best suited for each vineyard. Each property was delinated into 5 unique vineyard sites: Miccina, Gerbino, and Paradiso at 350-480m above sea level in the village of Contessa Entellina (PA). The Fiuminello and San Giacomo vineyards flourish at 700-830m above sea level in the mountains surrounding the town of Sambuca di Sicilia (AG)."

"The Di Giovanna family is committed to organic practices in their vineyards and winery, preserving their land and history. All of their products are certified organic through Suolo e Salute srl. Since 1997." - Importer

"The Di Giovanna's have been viticulturists for more than 5 generations in Sicily, which explains the extreme passion with which Gunther and Klaus approach their daily task. Father Sicilian, mother German, results in an energetic though slightly atypical mix of hard working attitude and straight- shooting intuition. This now fully organic estate, worthy of the help of Riccardo Cotarella, is as close to a rising star in Sicily as we can imagine."

"The estate is located almost at Sicily's geographic center, above the city of Sambuca which brings back memories of Visconti's 'Il Gattopardo'. With vineyards located high above the floating land, at the base of a rough cliff, two brothers of German/Sicilian origin fight for the culture this land once represented. Getting there is a different story: Only after substantial damage to the bottom of your car, or a long hike will you be able to access these beautifully remote high altitude vineyards that are managed in full respect of organic farming principles." - Importer

This was scored 84 points in the Wine Enthusiast.