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2010 - Montille Bourgogne Rouge

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    750 mL
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    Pinot Noir
library code: 71424


"Etienne de Montille describes the 2010 vintage as one of "grand transparency and incredible aromatics. In my view the 2010s are the most transparent wines since 2002 and in fact that's the vintage that it reminds me of most. I elected to begin picking on the 17th of September and while there was some sorting necessary, I would put those losses at less than 5%. The fruit was phenolically ripe with strong but not excessive sugars at between 12.5 and 13.3% plus really spot on acidities. Quantities though were all over the place as in some sectors there were entirely normal yields whereas others were off fully 50%. Because the ripeness of the stems was varied, I used a varying percentage of whole clusters in what was otherwise a very soft approach to the vinification. In terms of the two Côtes, I really don't see much of a difference in quality between them. I did have some frost-related losses in the Côte de Nuits but that's an issue of quantity, not quality. The '10s have everything that I personally enjoy in my wines but if I had to pick just one facet that I admire the most, it would be the wonderful sense of energy that they have. Even while young and backward, they're refreshing and attractive due to this vibrancy."" -Allen Meadows, Burghound