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2011 - Keller Westenhof Kirchspiel Auslese Riesling

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"But, of course, despite the consistent excellence of the non-Riesling bottlings, most Keller fans want to know how the Keller Rieslings are in 2011. In short, they were probably the most consistently brilliant range of Rieslings I tasted on the trip through Germany this year, as Klaus-Peter seems to have really timed his harvesting perfectly to keep his acidities bright and zesty and give the wines cut and purity. In the season of 2011, Klaus-Peter observed that he tried a new technique of doing a bit of leaf pulling from the top of the vines, so that he could slow down the ripening process just a touch in a few of his warmer sites, such as the Pettenthal and Hipping, and allow the sugars to mount at a slightly slower pace and keep the acid levels up. This technique seems to have worked quite well, as across the board, the 2011ers from Weingut Keller are amongst the raciest and snappiest wines of the vintage. The dry wines up and down the hierarchy from basic Trocken botltings all the way up to the six illustrious bottlings of Grosses Gewachs and the G-Max are as magical as is now customary at this estate, and the noble sweet wines are also outstanding successes. In short, there is very little in the Keller cellars from the 2011 vintage that wine lovers are not going to want to add to their cellars, and this is a year where I would be inclined to happily buy anything from the estate that I crossed paths with in the course of my shopping for the vintage, as there is an impressive consistency of excellence across the board in this vintage." -John Gilman, Issue #38