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2007 - Christian Clerget Chambolle Musigny

  • Sub Region

    Chambolle Musigny
  • Region

  • Size

    750 mL
  • Country

  • ABV

  • Varietal(s)

    Pinot Noir
library code: 52165


"Christian Clerget said that 2007 required 'lots of sorting but mostly for under ripe fruit rather than rot. We began picking on August 31st and brought in a very small crop that averaged only 30 hl/ha, which isn't much since that figure includes both the Bourgogne and the villages wines. Sugars were reasonable if not high at between 11.5 and 12%, which means that there was very little chaptalization as I hate high alcohol burgundy. The fermentations were very fast and I did almost no punching down and only a couple of pump overs. By contrast, the malos were quite extended, which is fine as the wines seem to pick up flesh and weight as they developed in barrel. For me, 2007 is a bit like 2001, which is to say that the wines will be relatively easy drinking early on but be capable of aging well over the medium term." I also retasted from bottle several of Clerget's '06s as he previously said that he might fine a few of them and I'm happy to report that they are notably better in bottle than they were in cask as the fining definitely seem to round off what were moderately edgy finishes." -Allen Meadows, Burghound.