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2000 - Berthet Bondet Chateau Chalon Vin Jaune

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    750 mL
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library code: 51514


"Chateau-Chalon deserves it's old name of "vin de garde" or keeping wine, because it will keep happily for many decades, and with certain vintages, over a century. The best temperature to serve this wine is 14 centigrade, and it is advisable to let the wine breathe for several hours prior to drinking, as this allows the wine to develop its subtle aromas of walnuts, hazelnuts, wheat, tobacco and sometimes, of curry. It is the ideal accompaniment to Lobster Americaine, poultry with creamy sauces, with morel mushrooms, with haddock, with curried dishes and above all with Comte cheese. Some people recommend it with bitter chocolate. It is true that a great wine is not usually spoken of as a wine with which to cook, but it's enthusiasts confirm that it is worth sacrificing a small amount from the bottle to improve a sauce and this instantaneously transforms the cook into a "grand chef"!" -Winery