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- Montviel/ Il Bosco 2pk + Gourmet Library Coupon

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library code: 50388


"One of the most exciting things about this pack is the fact that we're giving out $20 coupons for Gourmet Library! You will be emailed no later than Wednesday at midnight by our staff for this coupon. If you are not contacted by the time, email Kristen: kmurphy@winelibrary.com."

"We're aware that both wines were in a pack before (making the lowest price for them both at $66.66), but we felt like this was an enormous opportunity after we saw all the comments on Cinderella Wine and the Facebook fan page. We don't want to do any more Secret Packs in the future, we just want to offer more great deals transparently." -Gary Vaynerchuk

"Chateau Montviel was purchased in 1985 by Catherine Péré-Vergé (Chateau Lafleur, Chateau Le Gay). It is located at the North-West corner of Pomerol and spans 5 hectares whose average vine age is 30 years. The soil is a fine sand-gravel mix, much like Clinet, with deposits of iron. It is this soil combination, typical of Pomerol, that gives the wines their unique blend of elegance and power. Michel Rolland is the consulting oenologist. Montviel produces a second wine, La Rose Montviel." -Importer

"I blended this wine and took out some of the oak monster without losing the Michel Rolland magic from this awesome estate." -Gary Vaynerchuk

"Catherine Peré-Vergé, heir to the Arques glasswork billions, likes to mountain bike through the Pomerol vineyards when she visits Château Montviel, which she bought 12 years ago. Her success at Montviel is in bringing an outsider's appreciation of the wealth of Pomerol, balancing richness and harmony in the wine of her property." Decanter Magazine- "Rising stars: 20 to watch on the Right Bank"

"Bosco, which has become the winery's benchmark quality wine, is obtained from 100% Syrah grapes from over 40 hectares of hillside vineyards belonging to the vinery; the success of this wine, in both the Italian and international press, inspired many important producers to confidently go down that same road the d'Alessandro family courageously opened up: Antinori bought land in the Cortona area (building up the group's largest wine cellar in just a few years) and planted almost 100 hectares of Syrah; Ruffino followed in their footsteps, as later did many other smaller producers. Considered as a whole, the hectares of Syrah planted in this area make up the largest concentration of this vine in Italy."

"Bosco comes from the finest parts of the 4 vineyards planted between 1993 and 1995, which are now around 15 years old; in the last few years, in-house tastings have led us to favour a particularly fine, high-quality younger vineyard, planted in 2000, which has given rise to the winery's first 100% Syrah monovarietal wine, the Migliara cru, bottled for the first time with the 2006 harvest."-Winery

Montviel La Reserve on Cellar Tracker here: http://www.cellartracker.com//wine.asp?iWine=791135

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