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2008 - Chateau Cru Juste Blanc

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    750 mL
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  • Varietal(s)

    Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon, Muscat
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"Just the right amount of acidity, just the right amount of vibrant citrus fruit. This light and refreshing white is a versatile everyday choice. Friendly with a variety of foods or delicious by itself!" -Importer

"Dry white Bordeaux wines are exported to many countries, much to the pleasure of consumers who appreciate their balance and refined subtle aromas. Like Bordeaux reds, the dry whites are produced by blending the major grape varieties authorized by Appellation's formal production standards. Sauvignon (42% of all vines planted), Semillon (42%) and Muscadelle (9%) are the 3 main grape varieties."

"Each variety is planted in the microclimates and soils across the region that best suit it. Sauvignon prefers cooler terroirs with soils dominated by clay and limestone (as found in the Entre-Deux-Mers area and more generally in the eastern parts of the region), while Semillon is better suited to warmer and lighter soils (such as in the Graves region)."

"Bordeaux white wines develop elegant, fruity and floral aromas. They unite lemon notes with those of white flowers and peaches, and their elegance and liveliness are balanced by their roundness and strength. The Bordeaux AOC whites must be absolutely dry and must not surpass 4 grams of residual sugars per litre." -Bordeaux.com

"In Bordeaux, Sauvignon is particularly flavourful, round and lively. It presents an aromatic balance with notes of citrus fruit, exotic fruit or blackcurrant blossom, boxwood, or white flowers. Generally, Sauvignon is aged in barrels, resulting in powerful and complex white wines."

"In Bordeaux, Semillon embodies the magic of the grand sweet wines, especially on the Graves terroir, favourable to the development of noble rot at the end of the ripening. Complementary to Sauvignon, is less acidic and is more round in the mouth making it an ideal blending partner. However, its young aromas are not as evident as those of Sauvignon, and are based on notes of almond, hazelnut and prunes."-Bordeaux.com