Wines for your boss

Posted October 09, 2014

WineLibrary Staff


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The other day, our fearless leader, Gary, tweeted something pretty straight forward:

Who has a boss that is into wine?

— Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) October 1, 2014

That got us thinking. There are all kinds of different bosses out there, each with his/her own set of quirks, idiosyncrasies, and stuff that’s sure to get you fired. With the giving season on its way, we thought we might help you mitigate that last bit by selecting some great wine for the man or woman you report to:

The Child Prodigy

He’s younger than you and that probably drives you nuts, but hey, he’s the one who started a business at 21. Or he was born into it. Whatever. Same thing.

Give Him the 2008 Schloss Schonborn Erbacher Marcobrunn Riesling Spatlese

Millenials have been conditioned to believe that Rieslings are the fanciest wine imaginable, so no matter what he drinks, this wine is a pretty safe bet.


The Ruthless capitalist

The most popular words to come out of her mouth are “revenue”, “streamline”, “leverage”, and “benchmarks”.

Give her the 2009 Antinori Solaia

The Antinori family are titans of wine. True capitalist heroes. Through heritage alone, this wine is sure to please.


The "Ideas guy"

His meetings always go over, and you always leave more confused than when you walked in. Next steps are ambiguous.

Give him the 2010 Achaval Ferrer Mirador

The vines from this Argentinian winery are very old, like, probably older than your boss. What we’re saying is, this wine took as long as to get to this point as he takes to get to his point.


The Out-of-towner

Always off to this conference or that island. Has so many airline miles that she raffles them off at the company picnic.

Get her the 2009 Metaphora Pinot Noir

She eats steak one day, and sushi the next. She’s too busy to think about any one pairing for more than 10 seconds, so why not get her something that pairs with everything? When in doubt, pair Pinot...


Your Dad

He loves to tell people that you have balanced the work/family relationship so well, but it’s all lies, and dinners out frequently turn into meetings. Somehow, you still love him.

Get him the 2011 Stone The Crows Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine says “I respect you as a father, and a businessman.” It will also remind you both of that wonderful time you had hunting pheasants. You almost threw up, but he loves you anyway.


The Old-School businessman

The striped suit. The suspenders. The flip phone that he keeps clipped to his belt. Yep. He’s old school.

Get him the 2011 Lemos And Van Zeller Port Quinta Vale Dona Maria

This is what he will enjoy in a smoky room in the last “Men’s Club” in town. The membership regulations may be under scrutiny from the local town council, but that won’t stop him from enjoying  36 oz caveman ribeye and finishing it off with this port.


The ex-Military

Yelling does not equal anger. Can’t tell if he’s angry or thrilled. But man, is he a great leader. Stuff gets DONE.

Get him the 2011 Jamieson Ranch Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

He'll say "bold" but what he really means is that he appreciates the plumb, cocoa and cedar notes… although he’d never ever say that out loud… Semper Fi!

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Antinori Solaia

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Achaval Ferrer Mirador

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