The Perfect Wines to Pair with Jersey Shore Boardwalk Food

Posted April 08, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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There is nothing we love more than going down the shore for a weekend of fun, sun, but most importantly: boardwalk food. And of course, we can’t think about food without thinking about what kind of wine to drink with it, so here are our picks for the perfect wines to pair with your favorite boardwalk delicacies.


Best Wine for Fried Oreos - 2007 Chateau Rayne Vigneau

When you pair a sweet wine with an equally sweet food, something great happens. The pure fruit and complex characteristics of the wine start to show through and take center stage over the sugar. Add to that the inherently dopamine-producing fried coating, and you're in a seriously happy place here. That this combination is actually a shockingly profound wine experience. We're not kidding.

Best Wine for Pork Rolls (Or Taylor Ham) - 2012 Juana De Sol Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza

Whether you call it a pork roll, or Taylor Ham, you know that this salty, greasy masterpeice is the endgame of all sandwich technology. Slurping down a juicy, smoky, tannic Cabernet Sauvignon is going to take it to the next level. The tannins will love all the meaty protein, and the salt in the ham will combine with the smokey notes to make this into any carnivore's dream beach-trip.

Best Wine for Water Ice - Bartenura Moscato

A little sweet, and a lotta refreshing, this combo will instantly take your temperature down and refresh your brain so that maybe those airbrushed shirts no longer seem like a viable wardrobe choice. 

Best Wine for Sausage and Peppers - 2012 Giacomo Sangiovese Toscana

Your name doesn't have to end in a vowel to enjoy this classic pairing, but it sure helps! Sangiovese is about as Italian as wine grapes get, and, let's face it, Sausage and Peppers is about as Italian as boardwalk food gets. Sangiovese brings great acid and tannins to the party, which are perfect counterpoints to everything going on between those buns. Cin cin!

Best Wine for Fat Sandwiches - 2010 Bello Family Marsanne

You might not be at Rutgers anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't keep making horrible decisions for your health. A fat sandwich calls for a fat wine, and we honestly can't think of a fatter white wine than this Marsanne. Where the weight can stand up to a sandwitch with fries on it, the acidity can cut through and refresh your palate after you assault it with a mouthful of cholesterol.


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