Three Wines to Get You Through a Rainy Day

Posted June 02, 2015

WineLibrary Staff


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Well, it’s springtime… so we guess that means it’s time to get out the umbrella and the wellies, because everybody seems to be getting soaked this week.

But there is an upside to all this rain: Cozy afternoons spent on the couch with a good book and a good window are basically the best. So what wine pairs best with the sound of rain on your roof? What bouquet goes best with petrichor? Let’s find out!


That rainy mood...

2011 Lenne Estate Pinot Noir

Looking out into the rain can put you in a contemplative place. If your brain is going and needs something to fixate on, the best thing you can give it is Pinot Noir. No grape captures as much nuance, character, and sense of place as Pinot. The Lenne is a magnificent example. 2011 was an overshadowed vintage, but through hard work and impeccable winemaking, a singularly nuanced, polished Pinot Noir was achieved. This is honestly some of the best stuff Oregon has to offer, and it will keep you thinking long after the weather clears up.


To warm you up

2005 Marques Del Puerto Bentus Rioja

Once you get past the romantic ennui that comes with a rainstorm, you start to face facts: it gets bloody cold. Stupid evaporation. So you clearly need something to warm you up. You need a wine that is going to act like a fuzzy blanket and wrap you up and make everything ok. Long story short, you kinda need something on the high end of the ABV scale with a reasonable amount of oak. Yeah, we’re oversimplifying, but this isn’t brain surgery, folks. The Bentus Rioja fits the bill perfectly. Dried berries, vanilla, and tobacco make this wine a lot like getting a hug from a big friendly lumberjack. Perfect for a rainy day.


When the sun comes out

2013 Barton & Guestier Bordeaux White Sauvignon Blanc

One of the greatest things about rain is the moment it goes away. The sun is bright and everything smells so clean. When we think about wine that smells clean, there are a surprising number of good options, but the first thing that came to our mind was Bordeaux Blanc. The B&G is all flowers and clean citrus. Light, refreshing, and pure. Like a rainbow in a bottle. 


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Marques Del Puerto Bentus Rioja

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