Two Wines that Will Vastly Improve the Way You Watch the World Series

Posted October 27, 2015

Jim Gorman and Steve Unwin


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Here at Wine Library, we’re all pretty excited to see the Mets make it to the World Series… well, everybody except Brandon, our resident Cubs fan, who is in a state of mourning and has vowed to wear all black until spring training. As wine-inclined minds like ours tend to do, we started thinking about what kind of wine might go with this particular series, and it struck us that both New York and Kansas City have really distinct culinary styles. So with that in mind, we scoured the Library to see what would work best, and came up with these:

For games at Kansas City: 2011 Scotto Family Old Vine Zinfandel

Kansas City is known for a style of BBQ that really focuses on slow-smoked, meaty dishes drenched in a sweet, tomato-y molasses-based sauce. This all-American style cuisine calls for an all-American style wine. The Scotto brings gobs of sweet, rich fruit notes along with vanilla and pastry notes from the use of American Oak barrels. Your smoked brisket and beans will never be the same. We have a feeling Tejada will be sipping this in the Mets box eating his ribs watching the Mets crush some double plays.

For games at NYC: 2013 The Neighbor Red Blend

Now to be fair, New York is known for a lot of different cuisines. Bagels, pizza (its rat sidekicks), halal carts, you name it, really. But when we lust for something authentic across the Hudson, we can only think of one thing: A big, fat pastrami sandwich. Drenched in mustard, loaded with sauerkraut, nestled between two slices of rye bread, we can’t think of anything more New York than a pastrami sandwich. We bet Mr. Met is eating one RIGHT NOW. And we would recommend he pair it with the 2013 Neighbor Red. A wine we blended ourselves, the neighbor is as meaty as it gets, with juicy red fruit, and a beefy finish that is just perfect with a pile of perfectly cured beef from Katz’s Delicatessen. It’s a very smooth delivery, doesn't swing for the fences, but it just keeps driving in the runs over and over. If George Brett makes it down to an away game, this is a pairing he would do well to try (assuming he can scrape the pine tar off his fingers first).

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