Who is This Pedro Ximénez Dude, Anyway?

Posted January 19, 2015

Steve Unwin


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Pedro Ximénez, or just "Pedro" to his friends, is a grape most commonly associated with the southern Montilla-Moriles region of Spain (turn north at Malaga, if you hit Córdoba, you’ve gone too far). Basically, you take these grapes, lay ‘em out to dry for a few weeks, and when you ferment them, the finished wine is hyper-concentrated and high in sugar. At that point you can fortify it, age it in solera (more on that in a future article), and eventually you end up with a white wine that is basically brown and loaded with sugar. It’s boozy, sweet, and has a name like a military experiment: PX. Think notes of raisins, molasses, hazelnuts, and concentrated happiness. Translated into the language of dance, it goes something like this:


Another place you’ll find Pedro making delicious dessert wines is Australia, where they’ll occasionally allow the grapes to get infected with botrytis a la Sauternes (but without the astronomical price tag that tends to accompany the dessert wine of Bordeaux).

If you or a friend has a serious sweet-tooth, here’s an awesome bottle for you to try out:

Dandelion Vineyards Legacy Of Australia 30 Yr Pedro Ximenez Half Bottle

This is an Aussie example of the grape, but it's made with super traditional methods, so it's a great example of why Pedro is such a good guy.


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